Return Problems - anyone heard this?

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  1. So I went with family member to return a Citrine Willis today. She purchased it a couple of months ago, got busy and put the bag away without examining it much. She decided she didn’t like the style and wanted to return. Also, the bag had some marks and discoloration and was a floor model and probably came that way.

    When she went to return it (to her local store, not the one she bought it from), they wouldn’t accept the bag. The tags were on and she had the receipt. She told them she didn’t like the style and was going to point out the flaws once the SA got done processing. She figured this was secondary because she wanted to return regardless and wasn’t asking for a replacement.

    The SAs took it before she could say anything and started whispering amongst themselves. They said the bag had too much discoloration and damage and would not give her money bag. She argued, but they said they couldn’t because the bag wasn’t resellable, and to return it had to be resellable. I think the **** was trying to insinuate she had caused the damage and was being a twit to begin with because she didn’t want to process my return either.

    Anyway. has anyone ever been told this crap? That they can’t accept a return for a bag if they can’t sell it again? A lot of people don’t think to examine bags when they purchase them, because they assume a Coach bag will be good quality or don’t want to be rude when they’ve wrapped it up so fast. But how can Coach sell a damaged bag and not accept a return?

    I’m hoping the outlet will let her return or maybe she can contact Jax.
  2. It doesn't surprise me, Coach won't do PAs anymore when the item is considerably less than 2 days or 2 weeks ago.

    I'm thinking they are going to change their return policy soon, it's like Coach is just trying to piss off their customers because it doesn't make sense.
  3. That's a stupid policy and it sounds like they were really rude. I would call Customer Service and rant up a storm
  4. Yes they r like that..was the tag on
  5. Wow. Very interesting. Hmm. I had problems with mine too. It came with some marks or something on it, but I got them off.
  6. If that’s their goal they seem to be succeeding. I volunteered myself to call customer service. They told me if a bag shows signs of use or wear they can’t take it back. I told him it came that way, it’s defective. He tried to put the blame on me (well I was pretending I was the purchaser) for waiting so long. So yeah I bet they will change it, and I wouldn’t even care if they applied it consistently and stated it clearly. They just don’t want to take their defective bag back.
  7. I did the calling. They basically said the same thing as the store - they can’t take it back if it shows signs of use. I’m like it’s not used, it’s defective. He’s like I understand that, but we still probably won’t do it.
  8. Tag was on. Original receipt. Coach just doesn’t want to take responsibility for their defective stuff.
  9. The fact that she waited 2 months to return a bag that appeared dirty was probably a bit suspicious. Please understand I'm not taking sides, or in any way doubting her story, but anytime you buy something regardless of what retailer you purchase it from, you should always examine it immediately and ensure it's free of any kind of material defect.

    Returning something with spots/dirt/defect appears more legitimate if you only just received the bag & haven't had time to potentially have used it.

    Two months later, you could be giving the appearance of abusing the return policy (again, not saying there was any attempt at abuse.)

    Just another thought, though I think the store definitely could have handled it more professionally based on your description of how they reacted.
  10. the fact the tags are attached i would think there would not be a problem its not as if we can use the bag and reattach the tag lol
  11. I have to be honest, there are times I order a bag, look it over quickly and don't notice a defect or flaw. It sits in my closet for a month or two and when I take it out to wear it (most recently a Caroline I was saving for a special occasion), I see that it is defective some way. I would fully expect Coach to take the bag back. There are no rules that say that you HAVE to use the bag right away or that you have to prove that it was not your fault.

    I would be fighting this tooth and nail. With the tags attached, it is their responsibility to take it back.

    FYI I exchanged the Caroline no problem. They didn't say, hey, this bag is 2 months old, how come you didn't return it before? They said no problem and ordered me a replacement right then and there. Granted it was an exact item return (and then replacement) but still! It WAS a return with them sending me the new bag a week later. The new one came perfect in every way and I am glad I got such great CS. You should too!

  12. To me I just see Coach doing this because of all the defective items they are sending out to people and getting tired of the returns that are coming back so this may be a way of "dealing" with it. I know I have had to return way more than usual here lately. I was the one with the mini citrine issues and my bag came to me looking used. Honestly I do not order something without planning on keeping it but I will not go to work & work hard for my money then accept whatever they "throw" at me when I place an order! If Coach sends me quality they won't get it back and we will both be happy!
  13. I forgot to add I would dispute this with my credit card company if I could not get a refund for a truly damaged item.
  14. heh I’ve certainly learned to be more careful about inspecting my own purchases after being sold two bags with flaws I didn’t notice until I got home. But that’s definitely the first jerk of an SA I’ve witnessed. Usually they’re nice about things.