return policy???


May 4, 2007
Hello tpf's

I need help to understand their return policy. During the sale I had place a charge order on 3 pair of shoes, the items never arrived, as FedEx lost my package. I called Ferragamo and inform them that I never received my package and I already open a claim order. 2 weeks went by, I got a call from Ferragamo saying they can reship the shoes again but they prefer i go and pick it up, I just had surgery so I can't leave the house for awhile and the store is about an hour away. I ask the SA if she can do a return charge for me. I will not be buying the shoes, and I do not want them to hold the shoes for me for 10+weeks.. (I am absent mind sometimes so I might NEVER go pick up the shoes...) she said she will need to talk to the manager. 2 weeks gone by, I called for follow up, i was told that since it was purchases as sale, it's FINAL sale and they can't do a return, however i can exchange the shoes for something else??? so I look up their return policy online

"Customer has the right to return Product(s) from its Order, with no penalty and no requirement to specify a reason, by returning the Products it received to Ferragamo within thirty days from the date of such Products were delivered. Returns of Sale or Clearance Products and Timepieces must be received by Ferragamo within (10) days from date of delivery."

so my question is, why is this store giving me such false information? and should i dispute the charge on my CC?

thank you


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Apr 15, 2014
Interesting. When I bought my Revival briefcase from Ferragamo I checked the return policy in store and even though it wasn't a sale item there was a placard on the counter saying no returns. I suggest you talk to a manager and see what he says, rather than going through the SA.