Return policy

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  1. I was just surfing through eBay and noticed that every listing I viewed stated that the "Seller did not specify a returns policy."

    So, I went to check my listings and sure enough it showed the same thing even though I selected the no returns accepted.

    Anyone else notice this?
  2. Ebay is rolling out "Business Policies". They announced it some time ago, but did not implement until now. This is a glitch. Many sellers are reporting the issues with their listings. There are few threads about it on the discussion boards.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I wonder what is taking them so long to fix this "glitch".

  5. so do i! i almost did not buy something i wanted over the weekend because i saw that "Seller did not specify a returns policy." sentence and then i remembered this thread. i don't want any problems if it is not what it appeared to be online and i don't want to keep it.
  6. The listings that state: Seller did not specify a returns policy, are the listings where seller does not accept returns. For the ones that accept returns, it will not say that.
    So, if you want to purchase something and you see that message, that means the seller does not accept returns.

  7. crap!

    well - something will have to be done because i do not keep things that i have paid for if i am not happy with it!
  8. So does this mean that it is not a glitch, and ebay is not going to change it back to Returns Not Accepted, even if you specify when you list an item that you do not take returns? The wording on that new phrase is very misleading and inaccurate for both buyers and sellers alike.
  9. I am not 100% sure. I did read a few discussions on ebay boards that it is something that ebay is working on.
    I have few items where I do not accept returns, so I just checked and when I click on the item as if I am going to revise it, it comes up as Returns not accepted, but if the buyer is just looking at the listing, it comes up as "seller did not specify the return policy".
    I will bring this up to my ebay account manager when I talk to her again. I am curious too.
  10. A bunch of sellers are sending messages to various places demanding they look into eBay's deceptiveness by hiding the seller's "No return" policy. Some have contacted Ina and others are going to gvt agencies.
  11. Remember - it's eBay. Rarely do they actually give a cr*p.
  12. I have a "no returns" line in all my descriptions.
    eBay changes its mind on "fair business practices" all the time and with little to no warning.
    Sellers AND buyers should be able to clearly see what they are agreeing to.