Return policy?

  1. If somebody gave you a LV gift and would like to exchange it, would you be able to exchange it even though you don't have the receipt?
  2. I think you should be able to if they have their name in the computer. Is it possible to ask for the receipt from the person?
  3. that's just it, I wanted to exchange it but didn't really want the person to know about it. I know I'm so bad, but I wanted to exchange it for something I don't have already.
  4. Lol..well if you already have it then I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you exchanged it for something don't have. Can you take it back to the store where it was purchased? That would probably be better.
  5. LV gives purchasers gift receipts. I don't the price is stated, i.e. you would find out at the counter. I agree with Becca that either the receipt, or going to the store where it was purchased from, or giving the person's name should suffice.

    I would also call 1-866 Vuitton to confirm how to do gift exchanges. :yes: G'Luck!