Return Policy?


Sep 16, 2006
i could have sworn that the return policy was refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase when i bought my east west bag earlier this year. but the receipt for my baby cabas says refund or exchange within 14 days. did the company policy change? or is it because i bought my east west bag in hawaii and the baby cabas in california?
Here's my first post.

I think that's right. I called the Waikiki store in Hawaii to ask their return policy and was told 30 days. When I bought something from the Florida store, the receipt said 14 days. And this all happend just last month.

Is the boutique rules diff than Neimans? My SA at NM told me as long as I kept my receipt and the item was new, there was no time limit.:confused1: I only have 2 Chanel bags so I am in no way an expert.
^ NM has no time limit on return specifically stated, but they do monitor your NM account to see the returns you have made and they would discontinue your NM card if they determine your return rate is high.