return policy

  1. hi all,
    do any of you know what the return policy is at the ysl boutique in san francisco? or anywhere for that matter. thanks!
  2. Most YSLs are 14 days I believe.
  3. Thaaanks!! do you know if they do refunds too? i wanted this blouse but they took for-ev-er to send it to me. i saw it in the boutique but they didn't have my size so they said they already have a store holding one for me and about to send it out. they didn't even contact me to let me know what the delay was all about, but it took them a week to send it out and i still haven't received it... the experience just left me not wanting it anymore
  4. I believe that it's 10 days for YSL returns and you'll get a refund. BUT if it was a sale item, it might have been a final sale... Check your receipt when the package arrives. Also, if you're going to return the item via mail, you should give the store a head's up that you're mailing the package back to them. That way if it arrives to the store after the time period has elapsed, they should still honor the return.
  5. ^^^ Ditto. Just bought a Muse at a YSL boutique in NYC. Don't have the receipt with me, but I recall that it is 10 days for a refund, sale items excluded. I think after 10 days, you can only get store credit. (I'll check the receipt for sure later.)
  6. Does YSL do refunds for special order bags?