return policy?

  1. sorry, i was unable to do a search cuz its disabled for the time being...but does anyone happen to know if chanel has an extended return policy during the holidays? i know LV does and am not sure bout chanel. i've decided that my new wallet just isnt me and it was purchased over the 14 day return policy (bought 12/22/07). thanks for any replies!
  2. I do not know, but I suggest you call the sales associate that helped you and see if you can talk them in to taking it back. Explain you have been very busy with the holidays...etc.
  3. I don't remember ever hearing about them having an extended holiday return policy. That's just my local Chanel though.

    I'm assuming you bought from a boutique and not from a Chanel counter at a department store?
  4. I know at the Chanel store in Hawaii it's 60 day return policy. You can check with your SA. Sometimes if you call and can't make it to the exact date they will help you out anyway.
  5. yeah, i bought it at the chanel boutique in short hills. i've just decided that the silver metallic color of my wallet looks kind of dull gray/green in most lighting. and it smells like spraypaint (or some other chemical smell). i'd be willing to exchange for something else...but if i'm past due i may have to change my mind or sell on eBay. i'll give a call tomorrow - thanks all!
  6. just in case anyone else needs it, my particular boutique has an extended holiday return policy through the 15th of january
  7. Question: Do they have extended "store credit" policies? I want to return my rock and chain, I've never worn it and don't think I ever will, but would like to get the J12 or possibly try to find a satin croc...