Return policy

  1. I'm a new seller (sold like 3 things years ago, and have just been buying [a lot] since then). I have a couple of bags that I got this summer, after I became a tPF addict, that I've never used, and have decided that the time has come to sell them to fund other things.

    Is it terrible to post them as final sale/no returns? I bought the bags from the actual boutique myself (Balenciaga New York and Bottega Veneta), so I know that they are totally authentic. They have never been carried, so I know that the condition is immaculate. I have a lot going on right now (full time job, pregnant, houseguests, and some minor remodeling), so I just don't want to deal with the hassle of a return policy. Is this a bad move on my part?

    Also, I'm trying to hunt down somewhere that I could get a small quantity of Tyvek bands to put on the purse, in case there's some sort of dispute later. Everywhere seems to sell them in 500s. Any suggestions where I can just get 10 or 50 or even 100?
  2. 50 tyveks ~$8-9$ at Party City.

    I have A REALLY strict return policy which seems to cut down on problms: No returns unless an item is GROSSLY not as described, and I must be informed within 72 hours of the time shown on the delivery confirmation.

    So too bad for those people who have the item for 2 weeks and change their mind.
  3. I agree with the above, you don't need to accept returns unless the item is not described properly. Make sure you write a very descriptive listing, measurements, and take nice clear pictures.
  4. I have never allowed a return policy personally. Thank goodness I haven't had too many issues and none that were huge.

    I just purchased Tyvek wristbands on eBay. I got 100 for $5.99. I don't have a Party City that's super close to me so it was worth it to have them shipped.
  5. Thanks - glad to hear that it's not terrible not to allow returns! I feel like, as a buyer, I see that all the time, but I was questioning whether it was bad from the seller side. I posted ten pictures with the auction, including lots of details of the bag, and did a very thorough description with dimensions. I also said I'm happy to answer any questions or provide additional pictures (though what other pictures they might want, I'm not sure), precisely because the sale is final.
  6. If I may ask, did you get the wristbands because you are planning to allow returns (since you haven't previously), or just as extra protection?

    I have made it clear in my auctions that I don't allow returns, and I make every effort to describe the items carefully and thoroughly with lots of pictures. Knock on wood I haven't had any problems so far but I'm wondering if I need to be taking extra preventative measures? I read about so much eBay drama here that I get really reluctant to sell, even though I'm a by-the-book, very honest and ethical eBayer.
  7. Here is what I put in my auctions...:tup:

    All Sales Are Final

    Ebay is like a nation-wide garage sale not a retail store. If you want something that can be returned ~ please do not shop my auctions. Please do your shopping at a retail store where you can be accommodated. I guarantee my items are 100% authentic. I describe all items completely ~ and try to go into so much detail, that in most cases your item will arrive better than expected. If you get your item and you decide for some reason you don’t want it. Sell it.

    All items are photographed and documented prior to shipment. You will also find a zip tie on the bag when it arrives. That is my protection in the case that a bait and switch is attempted. I am a seller of REAL - AUTHENTIC items and I take care to protect myself from scammers. If for some unforeseen reason this transaction is not completed, the bag must be returned with the zip tie intact ~ once it is removed the item will not be accepted as the item that was originally sent to you. I keep all details of my transactions for 12 months including all emailed correspondence, photos, and written documentation of specific bag characteristics, which can ultimately be used as evidence.
  8. All sales are absolutely NOT final if you accept PayPal.

    It's unfortunate, but a fact of life.
  9. Don't take PayPal

    All Sales Final. :okay:

    I would rather risk an NSF check than deal with PP and fees in most cases...
  10. Sorry to ask a dumb question, but I've always used PayPal for my auctions. What payment methods do you accept (cash? personal check? money order? google checkout?.....)

  11. Now mind you this is not every auction... I have used Paypal.

    Take a Postal Money order or designate a specific Cashiers Check...(Bank of America)

    Also have done Personal Checks before. (wait to clear before shipping)

    I do this on any item over $400...
  12. The wristbands are so buyers don't do a bait and switch if for some reason they do return the item. There have been stories of buyers buying real bags and then returning fake ones to the seller. This way, the buyer can't remove the wristband without damaging it and putting it on another item.
  13. Do you feel that not taking paypal inhibits sales for you? Just wondering ...

    I myself won't buy high priced items if the seller doesn't take paypal. Almost 2 years ago I got ripped off by a seller who insisted on a MO and I never received my LV bag. I'm still trying to get my money back.