Return policy??

  1. I want to return a bag I ordered from a chanel boutique, it was sent from HA , but no reciept came with it. Can i return it to another boutique if I dont have the reciept??
  2. That's very odd that there was no receipt{?}
    You couldn't get your $ back w/o a receipt.
  3. ask the store where you purchased it to mail you a copy of the receipt.
  4. They should have it in their computer system. They can fax a receipt or info to you or to the store you are returning it to.
  5. I ordered it from the LV store, they sent it from Hawaii . No reciept came with the bag but I should be in the system as I paid on my CC card right.It came in a large chanel box , not a box with the style number and description on it like a large folding box.
  6. If you bought it at a Chanel boutique with a credit card, they should definitely be able to find a record of it. Call whatever store you dealt with and they should take care of it for you.
  7. i'm confused. You ordered it from the LV store? Is it Chanel or LV? In any case, if a company fails to include a receipt, you should have them send it out immediately!
  8. I just got it faxed to me. Lainie it was the las vegas store not lv boutique lol
  9. ^ glad everything was resolved! I'm still shocked they didnt send you your receipt!