return policy?

  1. okay, i did a search on this, but i didn't quite get the answer i needed. hopefully some of you knowledgable ladies can help out!

    what is the limit of items you can return without a receipt? i'm asking because right after the holidays, i went on two pretty big coach shopping sprees, but i threw out the receipts. :smash: i ended up returning a wristlet right after for store credit, and then after my second shopping trip, i ended up returning a wallet. THEN, my friend was there to exchange a charm, but she left her wallet in the car, so i ended up just giving them my license so we could get it done and get out of the mall. (everything i've ever returned was absolutely brand new with tags on!)

    so, i've heard a limit of 3, or 6, or whatever, but does this mean i'm not allowed to return without a receipt anymore? i don't want them to think i'm a fraudulent returner or anything! :s i just have a horrible habit of losing receipts (i always find them months later, crumpled up around my car/house/in other bags). AND, i want to exchange something, but i can't find the receipt anywhere. (i know, i know, it's so dumb!)
  2. i know my post was super long, but can anyone help?!

    ahh, i'm being an impatient brat - but i was planning to go back to the store tomorrow, and i don't wanna be humiliated if i try to exchange something.
  3. The rule is no more than 3 returns in a month w/o a receipt technically. It depends in the store management team remembered you or the regional LP director noticed before you get a letter stating no more returns w/o receipt.

    This is to prevent fraudulant returns (not saying you're doing that!!) because I know we have one person who can no longer return because she buys from macys on sale and gets store credit in our store :/

    ALSO! You will receive the letter in the mail before the store does generally (unless they emailed about it) so they wouldn't embarrass you.
  4. thanks, sprinkles! is it 3 items or 3 returns?
  5. How many returns can you do with a receipt?
  6. ^ LOL... I was wondering about the returns with a reciept, because I would like to return (exchange actually) an item, and still have the receipt for it... The catch for me is that I returned something (with a receipt) intially to get the item that I now want to exchange for something else!! LOL... I feel sorry for the SAs, having to deal with us changing our minds over and over...(Well, my mind, I won't speak for everyone...)

    I'm worried about it, because they are going to think I'm such a flake!! But I literally have items sitting new in my closet, that haven't been used!! (And those Nicola flats are tooooo cute....)
  7. I've only returned an item from coach once before a month after I purchased their shoes. They were pretty good about returns as long as you have the original receipt and the items in brand new condition.
  8. They still need to have the tags attached though, correct?? I am pretty sure the boutique here says the tags have to still be attached but I am not real sure about that.

  9. i went to the store today and exchanged my bag with no problem. i was just worried because my regular sa was transferred to another store, so i'm still trying to find an sa that i can keep coming back to.

    thanks for the help!