Return policy question....

  1. If I buy a Coach bag at full price at a department store, can I return it at a Coach boutique without a receipt? Or must it go back where it came from?

  2. I know from coach they can't be RETURNED to a dept store, and I would THINK that you would have to return it to the dept store, but I am not positive.. I am sure someone here will know, or you can call coach!!
  3. From what the SA at my boutique says, they only take bags back from the boutiques. How they know? Probably because your purchase isn't in the computer. Also, I know that Macy's puts a sticker on the tag to prevent returns to the boutiques.

    Other boutiques might be different, it might be better to call and ask. :smile:
  4. If it's an item that they sell at the boutique, they'll take it back there.
  5. Are you sure about this? No doubting - just wanting to confirm...:p

  6. when i tried to return a bag there from younkers, they wouldn't let me, and it was in the store at the time. Can't you exchange or return from the department store you got it from?
  7. Actually, Coach told me they have no way of looking up your purchases in their computer.. which I thought was weird since they have your name and address. but oh well.. also, macy's and dillards put stickers on their purchases.. but it is on everything, and required to take it back to their store to get a return. I personally would THINK that if it is an item that is at the boutique, you could return it there, but probably only get store credit. Maybe an SA knows .....
  8. I bought a signature stripe shoulder tote at Macy's in black. I didn't use it, didn't like the color, didn't have my tag or receipt, and my boutique let me exchange it for the brown. I'm not sure about returns, but I was able to do an exchange for the exact same bag in a different color.
  9. I would guess no. Even though it's's still being sold under the department store, not "Coach"...know what I mean?

    It would be like buying a pair of jeans at Macy's...and then returning them at another department store that carries the same jean. Yeah, you might get away with it...but I find it dishonest for some reason.
  10. When I exchanged this I was honest with my Boutique and even spoke with the manager and told her that I purchased the bag at Macy's and they were okay with letting me do it. I told them I totally understood if they couldn't, but they were fine.
  11. I don't see why this is dishonest. They can re-sell them for whatever they want. Sometimes when I get things for gifts like baby clothes and they don't fit or I don't like them and I don't have receipts for them then Marshalls or tJ's will take them back. They sell stuff from other stores anyway and if they don't have a problem with it then I don't either.
  12. I agree.. even if the item was on sale at the time, they are going to turn around and sell it to the next person not on sale, so they are not out any money. Also, if you exchange you will pay full price for the new item too.. so what are they out?
  13. Why wouldn't you return it to the store it was purchased from?
  14. In my situation I wanted the brown signature stripe shoulder tote. Macy's no longer did not have that color in stock and the boutique did. As mentioned in my previous post I no longer had my reciept or the tag. they were in a pile of papers that my husband threw away not knowing they were in there. So I honestly told the Manager at the boutique what happened and that I had purchased the bag at Macy's. She said as long as it was not used, which it was not, that I could exchange it for the brown.
  15. probably b/c she would have rcvd a merch cred and they didn't have the color she wanted in the dept store ? just guessing