Return policy question - EBAY

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  1. Dear experts

    I bought a bag on ebay and want to return it.

    the listing states that the seller accepts returns, 14 days - that was the original info.

    there was a lot of back and forth prior to the seller sending the bag off, finally I received and honestly it just doesn't work for me - since the seller listed a return policy I bought from them assuming I am ok.

    so I started the return, saying I didn't like it and explained that its condition up close was just too bad for my purposes (not saying not as described since the seller did explain the condition - again I only bought bec I had the option to return).

    ebay said ship back to address and I did already - now the seller opened a case and ebay found in their favour saying that it only covered items not as described.

    it doesn't say that anywhere in the listing.the bag is still in transit. I will call ebay but was just wondering what is going on here?

    Also, when I went for the return, the seller asked for a restocking fee, I know they are allowed to do so but when I looked at the listing before buying it never listed a restocking fee - now it does (in the finished auction). I am just wondering whether I missed this in the first place or whether the seller was able to change this retrospectively -
  2. I'm sure the seller can't change the listing after the sale. The restocking fee must have been there all along.

    A seller can't say she accepts returns and then limit it to only not as described. That is the same as not allowing returns, since ebay's guarantee covers not as described. If the seller has a restocking fee, then she has to allow returns for any reason. There would be no restocking fee for not as described items.

    However, if you selected "not as described" for your return reason, and ebay determines the item was described accurately, you lose the case and aren't allowed to return.

    Since you already returned the item as instructed by ebay, it isn't right that you are out the money and the purse. If you took too long to return the item, you will also lose the case. Did you ship it out by the date required?

    It might help if you post the actual messages you received from ebay.
  3. thanks for confirming about the fee - i thought so, so probably I didn't check correctly.

    I received the purse yesterday, chose 'didn't like it' as reason to return, and they gave me a week to return (I returned the same day as I received it). I also used the same address as listed. the bag cannot be with the seller yet. I can't understand how ebays allows to start the process and then afterwards immediately closes the case. if the seller didn't allow for any other reason than 'not as described' they should have stated it. like this it is misleading.
  4. While a lot of sellers offer a return policy (minimum 14 days), many try to restrict the return. They either do it because they mistakenly believe they're allowed to do so, or they know what they're doing but believe they can pull the wool over the eyes of the buyer.

    Whichever applies to your seller, she's wrong. A return policy allows you to return the item for ANY reason.

    And depending on the TOS in her listing, that's what decides who pays return shipping. Usually for cases like yours where the return is for anything other than SNAD, the buyer pays return shipping.

    In this case, it sounds like someone (at ebay) either misunderstood the policy or didn't realize that you'd already sent the item back and it's in transit to the seller.

    You might have to follow up with a call to ebay pointing out the seller's return policy and the tracking number.

    The case should be reopened.
  5. Definitely call ebay. You said ebay told you to ship the bag back. Usually with a return request the seller has to review it and then accept the return before you are instructed to return, unless the seller participates in managed returns. Did ebay provide you with a return label? If you didn't use ebay's label, did you upload a tracking number?
  6. well thanks for both your knowledgeable input! i called ebay and this is what happened:

    someone at ebay had made a big mistake! the kind gentleman in the appeals department reviewed the case immediately and said that it did not make sense that they closed the case as they said shipping was to a warehouse. he said that shouldn't matter unless I used freight-forwarding, which I do. I confirmed that I do use freight-forwarding, which eliminates the ebay- money back guarantee (international buyers if you use freight-forwarding, be aware of this, I didn't know!!!!)

    but I also said that this is not what I asked for - I wanted to use the return policy of the seller, not ebay's money back guarantee. He told me my strongest point was the seller's 14 day return policy without any further conditions. in my favour I said I didnt like the bag which was a valid choice under the return choices unless a seller qualifies otherwise.

    final decision: ebay refunded me as they made the wrong decision!
  7. Wonderful! I'm glad it all worked out for you.