Return policy on Coach???

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  1. Question: i bought a Coach satchel a little less than a year ago in a outlet store but after using it for less than a year the leather straps are fraying at the base and breaking. With a receipt do you think they accept my return?
  2. You'll have to send it in for repairs. It cannot and willnot be treated as a return as it has been used. The back of your receipt should have all information on the back.
  3. You need to send it in to Coach and they will see if they can repair it.
  4. Ye, you'll need to send it in for repair hon. The fee is $20, but most of the time the nice SA will just waive it. Good luck!
  5. you should try returning it to the store. i bought a carly, used it for 6 months and the leather straps started fraying. took it back to the store and they exchanged it for a brand new bag. of course this was at the FP store, not an outlet. but it never hurts to try. good luck!
  6. Fraying is a known problem with Carly's, that's probably why they let you exchange it. You'll probably have the best luck if you take it to the outlet you purchased it at. Like others have said, they'll probably have you send it out for repair.