return policy for saks egc event

  1. Does anyone know if Saks has a return policy for thier egc events??? I bought a pair of jeans on thier EGC day, it was like $310. Well now i dont want it, but i bought other stuff that day and i ended up getting like 250 gift card. I tried to exchange the jeans i have for another pair last nite at S.C. and the lady told me that i cant do that. Ok wat!?!? I just wanted to exchange the jeans!!! not return them! And its not like i'm returning everything i bought that day...i just want to exchange the jeans they are too small!

    I've never had a problem returning items i bought during egc so i dont understand how i would have a problem exchanging something!!!! Ok that really pissed me off, because now i have to go back to B.H. :cursing: