Return Policy for Neiman Marcus LV boutique


Pro shopaholic
Feb 12, 2008
Can you please tell me the return policy for items purchased from the LV located inside a Neiman Marcus store? More specifically, do you have to return to the same store or can it be any Neiman Marcus store (that has LV)?

Jun 29, 2012
Well, I think it's the same as LV inside of Bloomingdales. You can exchange it at any LV for an even exchange or a purchase that is greater if you used the store card. If you want a refund you have to go back to that store. Mind you that's if you used a NM or Bloomingdales CC. If you used cash, debit etc. you can go to any LV. I'm not 100% so it would be best to wait for someone whose purchased LV in NM.