Return Policy for Bergdorf Goodman

  1. Does anyone know the return policy for BG on in store purchases? :s TIA!
  2. Since they are part of the Neiman Marcus group, I would assume that the policy is very similar. Have you checked the website or called? I've only ever purchased, and not return there, so I'm not sure what the exact policy is.

    Good luck!
  3. I haven't called SuLi --- I have a bag I purchased in April and it still has all the tags, etc .........
    Hoping someone here might know before I mail it back??
  4. If i purchase something on BG online, Can i return it to NM in store?
  5. Nope, you need to ship back to BG. Your refund can take as long as 6 weeks, but you will receive it.

    I stopped using the smart label and pay for shipping up front so I have proof of delivery.
  6. Thanks Chicbags :yes:
  7. Yes you can! I've made numerous purchases from BG online and brought several returns back to Nieman Marcus. You need to go to their customer service desk and they will handle the return there.
  8. Bumping this up. Does anyone know the in store return policy? Is there a time limit? I know there is a time limit for website purchases. TIA. :smile:
  9. flip question, given one of the responses above... can you return NM online items to BG store? there's no NM in NYC, so super inconvenient!
  10. I'm pretty sure this question was asked recently about returning BG to NM store and whoever responded said yes you can but they will still charge for shipping. That is, yes you can physically drop the package off at NM store and they will accept it as a courtesy, but it will not be done for free as they do with NM online purchases. Remember this is an old thread and I believe the policy has changed since then. With that said, I would imagine the same would be for retunring NM to BG.

    I also believe that the online return policy is the same as in store.