return policy at neiman marcus?

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  1. Does anybody know how the return policy at Neiman Marcus? My mom bought me a watch from NM, she means well but the watch is just not my style and was hoping to exchange it for something else.
  2. Do you have the receipt?
    If it's new and you have the receipt, you're golden :biggrin: there'll be no issues in exchanging it.
    If it's new and you don't have the recipt you could probably still exchange.
  3. I don't have the receipt, I hope I can at least exchange it.
  4. Neimans normally bends over backwards to help their customers so you may be able to get a refund but even if you can't you should at least be able to exchange it for something more to your tastes. Hope that helps!
  5. Neimans is the last of the generous when it comes to returns. Recently I returned a gift of salt and pepper shakers there without a receipt and they could only credit them back to my account. A few weeks later they sent me a check for the positive balance I was maintaining. I once had a saleslady there tell me I could return my car's tires there, if I had a good story. :P

    Of note, by the way, is that one can return Cartier bought at Neimans for money, as opposed to at the Cartier boutique, which only gives a store credit. Good to know.

  6. If it was a check, you have to wait I think 21 days for the check to clear before you can return it.
  7. How long does it take them to refund credit card purchases from their website?
    My DH bought me the very beautiful but high-maintenance Prada doeskin 'bowler' for about $2200 over the phone from the NM Dallas store, at which time he was told that returns were no problem w/ reciept etc. Long story short- this is pure horse poo. After taking the bag out of it's dust bag a couple of times and admiring her, I noticed some odd wear looking scuffs on the outside corners (not underside, but on the piping in front) I sent the bag with a note saying basically that this bag is apparantly too delicate for my three-child lifestyle and I would like to return it. Ten days later I get the call, THEY WON'T TAKE IT BACK, BUT WILL ONLY 'REPAIR' IT AND SEND IT BACK!!!! OMG!!! So I have to keep a bag that is too delicate to even take out of the house! These people are liars and scammers and will say anything to make a sale, heaven forbid you actually want customer service forget it if you want you're money back, MORAL: BUY YOUR BAGS FROM NORDSTROM!!!!! BTW I'm a stay at home mom and have no affiliation w/ any retailer, but Nordstrom has never ever dissapointed me when I've wanted to return a purchase. Obviously not the case with the completely dishonest and horrifyingly difficult neiman marcus.
  9. ^^ I agree, Nordstroms has the BEST service. But I've never had a problem with NM.

    To the OP -- they can look up your mom in the system, even without the receipt. Shouldn't be a problem at all. I've never had any problems there, but I always work with the same sales people.
  10. I just realized that this was dated back to 2006....
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