Return policy at Louis Vuitton-help??

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  1. Just recently I had some issues with the return of my newly purchased
    Tikal monogram GM Bag. (not yet 2weeks)

    It was brand new, which it still is, but when I went to the store in
    Portland, the manager told me that the bag had been used.
    By looking only at the strap of the bag, it has a normal wear(bends)
    in it, comes from putting the bag on your shoulder to see how it looks.

    They all treated me like I abused the bag and they could do nothing
    further for me.
    I had the intention to exchange, there is nothing wrong with it, I
    also would just return it, if it could not be exchanged.
    So I called the Seattle store, where i originally purchased the bag
    and talked to the employee(....) who helped me with the purchase.
    He simply said that I would have to come in and show him the bag.

    He could not promise, but he would have to talk to the manager.
    So today, I will go there to talk or return the item.

    LVuitton has very nice merchandise, but the service is really not
    always there, they sometimes treat you like you are not important,
    and they are a bit cold and not personel???

    Am I wrong about it?
    Does any of you guys or gals have some ideas or comments?
  2. To my understanding, it must be in resaleable condition to qualify for a return or exchange. That means that there cannot be any marks or signs of use whatsoever.

    And yes, they are very fussy when it comes to that.
  3. Did you use the bag quite a few times? If shoulder straps have bends from wear, I don't think LV will take it back. Just trying on a bag for a few minutes will not cause straps to bend/shape otherwise. LV sells luxury items, and no one wants to pay that kind of money for something which has been worn. Everyone expects brand spanking new items, you know?

    I don't know how much of "normal wear" you are talking about, but if there is "normal wear", that's a used bag, and shouldn't be sold as "new" to other people.
  4. Well, I just put it the bag on my shoulder a few times....that`s all.
    The leather seems yo get crinkly right away, not my fault, it is because
    the straps are very flexible, and they will crinkle a bit, even when you
    lift up the bag out from the duster.
    I did not take the bag out for a walk or mishandle it at all.
    Because I knew, I migth return it.
    But they were very fuzzy.
  5. Very true.

    At least today's buyers have that option as long as it is in resaleable condition. Including credit or store credit for your return.

    They had a "All Sales Final" and "No Returns Acceptable" polcy before this
  6. Louis Vuitton is extremely picky when it comes to returning there handbags. if there is a small crease in the strap or and discoloration they will not take it back .
  7. Does anyone know how to get a Louis Vuitton purse authenticated
  8. Please read post 1 of the Authenticate This LV thread :smile:
  9. Hi guys,

    I have an issue that I'd really appreciate some help with. Last week, I went into an LV store and asked for an MM Neverfull - the SA showed me the available stock (I wanted a Damier) and after specifically asking me whether I wanted the light or dark checkers, I said dark. I even remember saying out loud to my friend who I was with at the time that I disliked the light Damier as well as the classic Monogram because I felt like they were too easily imitated. I'm 100% sure the SA heard me.

    Anyways, I mentioned that I wanted it 'monogrammed', by which I meant hot-stamping. After picking it up today, to my disappointment they had hot-stamped a Monogram Everfull.

    I've told them I have no interest in taking it, even if that means I do not receive a refund. What do you guys think are my chances of getting it replaced with a Damier?
    I really don't care about the money, I'm just down about what a bad taste the experience left in my mouth.

    Any thoughts? Would REALLY appreciate some expert opinions/advice :smile:

    Thanks in advance!
  10. So you thought you ordered a DE Neverfull to be monogrammed, but the SA thought you ordered a Mono Neverfull to be monogrammed?

    Wow. That's an unfortunate case of miscommunication. I'm assuming you paid when you ordered it...What does it say on your receipt?
  11. That would be my expectation as well. If I'm purchasing brand new, and not going the route of pre-loved, I don't want any indication whatsoever of any wear, however slight.

    Nonetheless, the OP's reported treatment by the store is unwarranted. While I support the store not accepting the merchandise, this is someone who has willingly spent a lot of money, and deserves better customer service, just as if she were making a new purchase.
  12. This thread is 7 YEARS old.
  13. Someone started a new point of discussion in post 9...

  14. Yes, I noticed that, too, but I think it would have been better to start a new thread? Not sure about tPF policy, but just makes sense to me.
  15. I don't know if she can start her own thread yet since she is a new member?