Return policy at Barneys

  1. Does anyone know what is the return policy at Barneys? Do you have to have a receipt?
  2. Nobody knows?
  3. I believe it is 30 days, and I normally have the receipt. I don't know if they can look it up if you don't have one like Nordstroms.
  4. Call Barney's and ask.
  5. For a refund, you will need to return the item with a receipt within 30 days.

    Items without receipt or return after 30 days will be refunded as store credit. You can call 212 826 8900 to double-check. :smile:
  6. Yes, 30 days with receipt (or copy of your charge statement). Barneys SAs are able to "look up" receipts to verify type of purchase, etc. as well.
  7. I got something at Barneys in NYC on the 7th of October and I honestly forgot about it.. the tags are hanging on it and I just want to return it and get a credit on my master card. The receipt says 30 days.. does anyone know if they are strict on that?
  8. I bought a bag two months ago on sale and never used it so I figured I may as well return it. But the receipt says "no returns on sale merchandise after 30 days". That seems overly restrictive, especially compared to nordstrom! Will they really refuse my return? I have the receipt and all the tags are still on. Does anyone have any experience with the SF Barneys, that's where I plan on bringing it. thanks.
  9. i purchased a handbag from barneys on sale, and returned it after the 30 day period. granted i was over it by a day. i only wanted store credit, which is probably why they didn't hassle me about it. you can always try. worse comes to worst, they'll just offer store credit instead of issuing the refund in the original form of payment. good luck!
  10. Thanks tadpole......Your signed MJ is the coooolest thing ever!! Congrats!
  11. Thanks for the info, anyone had luck with returning without a receipt and doing a look up?
  12. Yesterday I brought in a clearly defective $2k bag that I bought march 29. They actually gave me a lot of attitude. I did not have the receipt but she could find the transaction in the computer system. The manager wasn't in the store at the time so they took the bag and said they would have her call me over the weekend. What is that? The item is defective. I don't see how this is an issue.
  13. Isn't Barney's return policy 30 days? Was the bag defective when you received it? Wondering if SA'a were snippy since the bag was returned past the date mandated in the policy. Just curious as to why the bag wasn't returned sooner if the defect was present at time if purchase, if that's the case??
  14. I didn't know it was 30 days.

    The leather was apparently cut incorrectly around an inset metal buckle, and after six weeks of normal use, it completely pulled out from the metal piece, leaving a gap. I tried to tuck it back in and live with it, but as the leather relaxed it pulled out more. It was not readily apparent at the time of purchase. It's clearly a defect, as the SA admitted herself yesterday. It's not like I've been knocking the bag around for a year and am simply tired of it. It's a lovely bag, but not cheap, so it's not wrong to expect a level of quality and customer service in such a setting.
  15. Barney's has a return policy that they really adhere to which is 30 days

    There are times they make exceptions.. I always think you have to ask

    because you don't know what they will do until you do ask..