Return Policies at NM, Saks, etc-Only in U.S.A?

  1. After these incredible sales both online and at the Stores that the major department stores have been having, and which have included major designer merchandise, how much of what was impulse bought is going to be returned?

    From just reading some posts on this Forum alone regarding purchasing 5 or 6 or more items when you can only keep 1, etc., this is a very common occurence and a habit for many U.S.A., consumers, some of which return items after using them and still get full or close to full credit.

    A few years ago, in Paris, I purchased clothes for my yet to be born grandson, and after taking it to the hotel and checking all out, I realized I had bought two almost identical outfits in the same size. The items had been bought at one of Paris' most prestigious stores. I went the next day with hubby and two friends to exchange or return the item. It had not been bought on sale. Believe me, it was an ordeal, I could not exchange nor return with any sales person in the department itself, I had to wait for two, not one but two gentlemen to escort me to another floor to a counter to explain the whole situation, hand back the tax papers on my entire purchase, etc., etc., etc., by the time I got done my husband and friends had finished a lunch at the store's restaurant and polished a bottle of wine, I finally gave up and kept the outfit. We still laugh about the fact that, the experience absolutely cured me of any habit of buying/returning/buying/returning.

    Should the major department stores, here in U.S.A., establish a final sale, no return policies when they are having these huge sales, so that the consumer thinks hard before purchasing.

    Many boutiques and independent stores have a no return, final sale policy, should NM, Saks, etc follow?

    Would love to hear from buyers in other parts of the world as to their stores return policies on final sales or even in regular purchases.
  2. I live in Canada & would never every buy any items from a store where I could not return it. I find adhering to NM 30 day policy on returning sales items even difficult because by the time I receive the item & then decide I do not want it, it virtually takes 2 weeks to ship back to NM. I do not consider my purchase impulse purchases many times I purchase 2 sizes of the same item as I do not know which one will fit as I cannot find a lot of these articles in Canada to try on.

  3. Thanks for posting, I am curious, do the stores in Canada have the same return policies on their final clearance sales as NM in the U.S.A.?
  4. J crew is the only store I know where sale items are final sale. Most stores in Canada return policy is the same regardless if you purchase a sale or regular priced item.

  5. When I lived in Paris I knew that everything was final sale so when I bought something I knew that was it. I wasn't up for the hassle of trying to exchange/return. Nobody ever thinks about the possiblility of returning when they purchase, it's just a fact of life there. The US has a very different consumer culture, people purchase alot more things in general whereas in Paris, people are very picky about what they buy. They have tiny apartments and they don't have room to store extra things anyway. In US, they say "the customer is always right." That is not true in Paris, they will give you a hard time if you have any issues with merchandise, even if it is a very legitimate issue.
  6. I live in the US and try to never buy from a store that doesn't accept returns.

    I know myself too well and yes, I do return items- But I am pretty sure the retailers don't mind too much because ultimately I spend alot of money.

    I have found incredible deals on this forum- most of the time I keep the merchandise but now and then the bag doesn't look like the advertised product so I return it.

    Case in point- I picked up a Celine bag that looked gorgeous to me online- when I received the bag it looked and felt like a hard Dr. bag, nothing like what I expected- why would I throw away that much money on a bag I wouldn't carry?

    I, for one and very thankful for liberal return policies!
  7. Here is Aus the law is that you have to refund if the item is faulty or not as advertised, but it's up to the individual retailer if you decide to give exchanges or refunds for change of mind. The jeweller I work for only refunds for fauly/not as advertised, but we will exhange or offer store credit for change of mind. Some of the bigger stores and chains will refund, but a lot of places won't.
  8. Thanks for the info.

  9. Been through it in Paris., but now, everytime I feel like ordering several things even if I can only afford one, and then return the others, my experience of returning in Paris helps me make good and sure that I want the items., of course it is different if something comes damaged or wrong. I still laugh thinking of my husband's face as I passed him on my way to the upstairs office, outfit in one hand and two escorts at my side. I really don't think that SA had ever seen anyone try to return anything before.