Return or Sell on ebay?

  1. Ok, here's a stumper. I ordered from JAX the small Scribble Hampton tote from 2005, in March. I haven't carried it, or removed the tags since I found my large Scribble hobo on eBay which is the bag I really wanted from that collection.
    I paid $178.00 for the tote. Can I return it to the Coach store here for a store credit? And will they give me the full price I paid for it on a store credit or should I take my chances and list it on eBay, maybe for a loss. I'd take it back to the store if I knew I could get a store credit for the bag so I can get something new, but will they take the bag back, since I bought it in March? Or will they take it back at all? And if I get a store credit, can I use the credit at an outlet store?
  2. Do you still have the tags on it? Do you still have a receipt?
  3. Well the worst that would happen is they either won't take it back or won't give you a full price credit.... Once you know what kind of merch credit they'll offer, you can decide whether to eBay or not to ebay.

    #Oh but I thought I read on here that once it's out of the boutique it can only be returned w/o receipt for the lowest selling price at a factory store. Someone else will chime in with better info than I have, though. :smile:
  4. Yes, tags are still attached, still have the box it came in, and the paperwork from JAX. Apparently, I got the last one they had at JAX, and unbeknownst to me, they had shipped the rest of the 2005 to the outlets.
  5. If you still have the receipt then they will definitely take it back. There is no time limit on returns with receipt.
  6. Ok, I just looked at the receipt. Purchased 3/1/07 for $178.00 plus tax and s/h. So I can take it back to the Coach store here and they will issue a store credit for that amount? Can I use the credit at an outlet store or just in the regular Coach store. I'm torn between an outlet only bag and a Carly.
  7. They might even give you $ if you want since you have your receipt and you bought it through a reg. coach boutique. But yeah, they'll definitely at least give you credit! You'll be able to use the credit at either the boutique or the outlet.:tup:
  8. They should be able to give you cash or put the money back on your card if that's how you paid, since you have your receipt. There's no time limit with a receipt so you should be fine.
  9. Had this issue about a month ago. It was a boutique item that had tags attached but I lost the receipt. Took it to the outlet and they tried to give me the factory price MINUS 20% :nuts:. It was a legacy bag at that, still on the website. I was like nuh uh.

    So I took it to the boutique and they gave me a full merchandise credit.
  10. That's what I'm afraid of. I would be returning this bag to the Coach boutique here, not an outlet. I have the receipt, but am worried since the Scribble bags have all been outlet bound now that they will still try and give me the outlet price even though I have the receipt and it's NWT.
  11. The outlet bags are stamped with a stamp so as long as you really bought it in the boutique, they will not think it is an outlet bag.
  12. Good news! Called the store today and asked to speak to the manager. Explained what I had and if I could return, and he said sure. He also told me he could get the patchwork Carly, just not the denim (boohoo) but the khaki. He told me to bring the bag in tomorrow and so all sounds positive! YEA!!!