return or keep chanel lamb wallet

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  1. I got this wallet in lamb skin and I cannot decide to keep it or return to get the caviar. or just wait to find the right style. since price increase is coming soon.
  2. DH bought me the long black lamb wallet. I prefer the look and feel of lamb versus caviar. I put the black felt around the outside of the wallet and it keeps it new looking, but I'm anal. I have the camelia credit card holder and it's not protected at all and so far so good, and I've had it just shy of a year and use it a lot.
  3. jmen, Camelia is a beautiful wallet...
  4. I have the Camellia wallet in lambskin and it's so luxurious :heart:
  5. I like the caviar better. Camilia wallet is gorgeous but I'm afraid I might get bored of it.
  6. Camellia wallet is beautiful, I would keep it.
  7. I have the regular quited lambskin wallet with the silver cc, I don't have the camellia design.
    Anyway, I tried several times to post the picture on to this thread,but some how it doesn't work.
  8. how does the camellia walet wear? i was thinking of getting it - it's SO gorgeous but worried that it's delicate. i'm pretty hard on my wllets, they are usually in a large handbag with a ton of other stuff unprotected. any opinions?
  9. is everyone sure the OP has the camellia wallet? I only said camellia because that's what my wallet is.

    ETA - oh there's the OP post--yup, the OP has just a lambskin wallet, not camellia.
  10. I would return it. Cuz I used to be an lamb skin wallet owner, it's really vulnerable. Wallet is the thing that you'll always use, so I would go for a cavier one~
  11. I've only got the camelia credit card holder and it's holding up fine. It's seeing more use than my lamb wallet these days because I'm in an e/w mode right now.
  12. I bought the pink Cambon large zip wallet and smaller snap wallet. I love them both but felt the lambskin on the bottom corners of both is showing some wear and I am super careful with my things.
    So I traded my large zip to my sister for a tan cavier (sp?) zip wallet and it is great (like the style too) but the color is kind of dull to me. It is holding up really good and I clean it with leather cleaner.
    I myself would probably get a LV vernis as my next wallet. I have their small ludlow wallet and it is so pretty and I think made better than Chanel. I see NO wear on any of my small vernis things. I have the agenda and cles too.
    I did fall in love with my sister's chanel wallet with the snake skin logo.
    Too many choices when you have to buy something. I was lucky to get my pink Chanel wallets at 2nd markdown from saks so they were well worth the price.
  13. Thanks for your post gillianna,
    Glad to hear that LV vernis wallet holding up that well. I might just trade in for the black cavair. but the lambskin is so smooth.
  14. I will return the lambskin wallet as it's too delicate for everyday use and will go for caviar as it's more practical!!
  15. I love the look and feel of the lambskin, but I am too hard on wallets, so would need caviar. If you feel the same, then I would exchange it.