return of silver harware?

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  1. I saw a patent blake last week IRL and it was TDF!!! But I'm just a huge fan of patent in general. It did have silver hardware which looked great against the patent...
  2. I'm not a big fan of patent leather, but that ZC is gorgeous!
  3. finally!!!!!!!!! i've never been a fan of the blingy gold stuff...bring on the silver baby!
  4. ^^^ me, too. I love the silver hardware! I think the silver hardware would look amazing on some of the colors in the spring line.
  5. me three :smile: love love love the silver hardware..
  6. Yay, I :heart: the silver hardware!
  7. it seems like both silver and gold hardware are being released for spring, which is great. some colors look great with the gold while others go better with silver. it just seems that it's taking forever for the new bags to come out and i'm impatient to see all of them!
  8. :yahoo: Although the gold hardware has slowly grown on me (especially in colors like bordeaux) it's so nice to have the silver back! I can't wait to check them out!
  9. There were several patent MJ bags when I went to Las Vegas about a month ago. They were either at Saks or Neimans in Fashion Show mall. I actually did not care for them at all. I remember seeing Blake and Elise bags. The colors were hot pink, yellow, and orange. They looked horrible in my opinion--not my taste at all. They really didn't look like leather to me--more like pleather.
  10. Yay for silver! I actually emailed them asking if it would ever come back. Maybe they were listening? Anyways, hooray!

    With chanel as expensive as it is, I'll probably get an MJ for spring.
  11. i'd go nutz if they did a silver hardware stam... :love:
  12. I love silver hardware! The gold doesn't look too great when it gets older...
  13. I've always been a fan of silver hardware, for some reason if the gold color isn't just right, it looks cheap to me. Although the gold is reallly pretty on some colors, so I'm glad they're matching hardware to leather colors.
  14. I love the silver hardware. My ZC has silver and I searched all over for it. I hope to get a Blake with silver hardware this year.