Return of Rouge Vif???

  1. Has Rouge Vif made a comeback? :nuts: I just saw a K stamped Rouge Vif Fjord Birkin on eBay!!!! Or is it only in Fjord? What about Chevre?
  2. *heart skips a beat* Oh please God, let this be true!
  3. MrsS, I don't think Rouge VIF is making a comeback unfortunately in other leathers other than Fjord. I think what we are seeing now are the results of last podium when Rouge VIF in Fjord was available as an option and we are now seeing the orders come through.
  4. what is the biggest difference between rouge garance vs. rouge vif vs. vermillion?
  5. GG^^I'll see if I can dig up an old comparison photo I have of all three.

    Vermillion--more tomato red
    Rouge VIF--blue-red, cherry red
    Rouge Garance--somewhere in between.
  6. GG, here is Rouge VIF in Chevre next to Rouge Garance in Togo. You can see that the Rouge VIF is cooler than Rouge Garance, more blue in it.


    Here is Vermillion in Chevre Mysore--it has more orange in it; more tomato red:


    Here is Vermillion Chevre next to Rouge Garance in Togo. They are both are on the warmer side next to Rouge VIF. I do find that Rouge Garance in Clemence seems to have more blue in it though than in Togo or Epsom. HTH!
    CIMG4345.jpg CIMG2086.jpg CIMG2081.jpg
  7. Yes, rouge vif is back. The stores I've been to have had bags trickling in in this color, though mainly in fjord. Given the limited quantities of chevre at the atelier, I doubt you'll see much RV in chevre, but it's still quite stunning in fjord.
  8. Orchids, you're correct, I believe. SA gave me the option of ordering Rouge Vif in Fjord at July Podium. In Fjord it has a distinctive pretty pink tone to the rouge.
  9. Rouge VIF in Fjord is absolutely stunning; isus, you're right, it definitely has that pink undertone to it. I'm awaiting a Kelly in this combo at the moment and am looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.
  10. Thank you, orchids and gina for your clarification.

    Here's MK's Rouge Vif Fjord listing on eBay. Thought I'd just post MK's pic here, so we can still refer to it when the listing is taken down.
    Rouge Vif Fjord.jpg
  11. Yummy H reds!!! Love them all really....
  12. Actually Rouge Vif in Fjord has been available for quite some time; I got to play with a 30 birkin at my store in this color/leather combo last year. My SA said it was almost the only leather that was still in production in Rouge Vif, for bags.
  13. Ah rouge vif is heavenly. When I was searching for it in chevre, I could not find it new, just preowned.
  14. Lovely lovely reds. WOW!!!!!!
  15. This is exactly what I had been told as well. Rouge VIF pieces in Fjord have been shown-up for the past several years at my shop, long since VIF disappeared in the other leathers.