Return of chipping gst and reveal!

Feb 27, 2012
Hi all. Wow what a day today. I am now on ban island I think.

Here's the background. I bought a gst in march, black with GHW. I loved her a lot and she is a fabulous work bag, fitting so much into it. However I had a problem with the gold on the gold rings chipping from normal use. Chanel sent it to be fixed and it came back in a few weeks with new rings on it ( at no charge since it was still under warranty). But after just 2 weeks I noticed it was starting to chip again !! It was so sas since I bought into the whole 'chanel will last a lifetime '.

Without even asking, Chanel was so kind to offer me a new one or in store credit. Even though I love the GST (except for the difficulty in carrying it on the shoulder) I opted for something else.

Sooo.... Who's around for a reveal??

Samantha S

Mar 26, 2012
Congrats on your reissue. It's a great bag, I have the same one as your, but in ghw. I love it a lot. Somehow I felt more special carrying her compared to my jumbo. Perhaps reissue is less common where I live. Above all, reissue is elegant and iconic. Hope you will enjoy your new Chanel.