Return/Keep?Rubbed off Metallic on Michael Kors Satchel

  1. Okay, recently I was in my local T.J. Max and I ran into what I thought was a great bargain -a Michael Kors jeweled satchel in an antiqued gold platinum color for a winning price of $99 (original retail $348). I've been on the fence about metallics and I thought this might an excellent way to try it out.

    Unfortunately, today I noticed in some lights you can see 3 different spots where the metallic color seems to have rubbed off (about the size of a pencel eraser). Is this a common phonomenon with metallic bags? Is it preventable/repairable?

    Most importantly, would you keep the bag or return it and hope for a perfect specimen? My hubby thinks I'm being ridiculous and I should let it go and keep it. He likes the bag a lot and thinks I'm being silly.

    Someone tell me if it's still a great deal or if I should take it back immediately:hrmm:. I'm pretty new to the handbag world, perhaps this sort of thing is inevitable anyway? This is a picture of the bag, how it's supposed to look -and then mine:sad: . What would you do? I really do like the bag so maybe it's still worth it.
    jewelsatchel.jpg IMG_1097_1.JPG
  2. personally, I think if you don't like your purse 100% then, yes, return it...I think it's a great bag, and it's a great deal, but, the turnover at those stores in unbelieveable!!! maybe try going to another TJ Maxx and seing if they have it, then returning the one you have here...? :smile:

    But, if the spots really bother you, then, return it! No use having a bag you're not 100% satisfied with! :smile:
  3. I absolutely love that bag. I have been wanting in a blue color for a while too. I think it's a great deal & that style in metallic will make you stand out too. Is it a dusted suede material? If it is, then...the bag will be too delicate. I think eventually....the metallic color will rub off with use. I think you just have to be extra careful with it. I think you should keep it because it's a great deal. :smile: But if you are not completely satisfy with the bag, then...I would say return it.
  4. I bought a bronze metallic bag on sale for the same reason that is was a good deal (not Michael Kors), but the bottom was nicked and scratched up. It bugged me so much that I don't even use it. I tossed it in my closet. I started checking for other scratches constantly, I just couldn't stand it anymore!!!
  5. I returned it! I knew down the road it would really get to me and I'd have to replace it anyway. So... now I'm looking for another one...I really did like that bag but so far I'm coming up empty except on Ebay (and I've learned to be a little suspicious of that place). Wish me luck and thanks for your insights.
  6. Have you tried other locations? Too bad they won't transfer or ship! lol