return it to get a full refund but Notice left

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  1. Hi,
    I bought an Omega seamaster watch who has more than 100 feedbacks. only he or she had 1 negative fdb from non paying bidders. I paid right away after I decided to buy it and sent a message with some Qs about the watch to the seller. the seller never resoponded but I waited 3 days.
    Unfortunately, I saw the seller is NARU on ebay. I was too suspicious and nervous so I opened the case on ebay to get a full refund, then, seller only replied his shipping information, no other message. So I replied to him that no one can believe you in this situation, whether you shipped it or not, I'll return it for a full refund. And no answer from the seller. When I got my item, I knew it was fake so I reported it to ebay customer support team and they reopened the case for SNAD.

    After other 7days with no response from the seller,
    I escalated the case and ebay customer support team decided this case to do my favor. To get a refund, I had to return it, so I returned via usps priority with tracking # & signature confirmation. I tracked it and now, 'notice left'. Return address was seller's shipping address, P.O box.
    Oh, I'm so worried If the seller refuse to receive it, after 15 days then it would be return to me and then I cannot get a refund? What can I do in this situation to get a refund? Thanks in advance. Vinny.
  2. How long has it been since the status showed as "notice left"? If it's been days or a week or more, tell eBay that it seems the seller is purposely not picking up the item. You should be able to get your refund from eBay.
  3. Just contact ebay, give them the tracking number and they'll refund you as soon as they see delivery was attempted.
  4. As I understand it if they don't pick it up you can still get your refund, as long as it was attempted. I think Ebay caught on to seller's doing this with returns long ago and will not let them use it as a way to get out of having to refund. I would try contacting the seller to let them know it's there waiting for them (through Ebay of course), just in case her PO didn't give her the notice (it happens). Then still after so much time, if still no response, I think Ebay will still find in your favor.

    Good luck!