Return it and get it shipped?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I bought a Chanel bag the other day and I am absolutely in love with it! I bought it at NM and I didn't know that if I asked them to ship it to me, I would save on tax? Is that true? The bag that I bought was the most expensive bag I've ever owned, so the tax was $100+. Should I go back to the store and ask my SA to return it and then ship it to me? Saving some $$$ would be nice because I don't buy such expensive bags a lot! Would they charge me for shipping though? And do they ship to PO Box?

    Do you think I could/should do that?

    Thank you!
  2. Well, you'll only save tax if it's shipped to a different state. If not, then you have to pay the tax. Also, they probably would not ship to a PO box (I had a Chanel repaired last year and they shipped it back to me via Fed Ex which I had to sign for). I don't recall having to pay for the shipping though.

    I doesn't sound like you qualify for the tax you live in the same state where you bought your bag?
  3. Yes, I do! Ohhhh...:sad2: ...gotta pay the tax then! Thank you so much for clearing that up for me!
  4. Don't worry, Likeafeather.....sometimes the way I rationalize big ticket purchases is to divide how many days I'll probably use the item by the cost and then it doesn't seem so bad. Plus, if you love it and it makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it, then it's worth every penny!
  5. That's an excellent way to look at it! Especially since it's a Chanel, it should last forever! Thank you so much for your help! :smile:
  6. Finally, someone who thinks just like me:biggrin: