Return help needed!

  1. I received an item and need to return it. The auction stated returns are accepted w/in a 7 day period. After receiving the item, I emailed the seller but no response. I waited a couple days, then called the seller, who agreed to the return, and told me his return address, and said he would pay me back with a money order as soon as he received it (even though I paid with Paypal).

    Anyway, as soon as I got off the phone, I emailed him again with a brief summary of our conversation. I also wrote out his return address and asked him to confirm there were no errors before sending it out. He has not replied back.. it has been two days but he still has auctions up so he's got to be checking eBay.

    Anyway, my question is, can I send it back even though there is no written confirmation from him that the return is okay? And if I did write down his address wrong, or if he gave me a fake address, can I still be covered under Paypal as long as I sent it with tracking?

    Seller has about 20ish feedback, with 2 negs, 3 neutrals, and comments about poor communication. One buyer's comments in particular doesn't look good for my situation:
    "Refund was promised. I sent back shoes and seller kept money"
    Seller response: "refund sent 3/6/06 money gram money order #4825485414 if not received,trak "
  2. I'd call paypal on this one. If you do return it, make SURE that you send the item back with some sort of tracking and signature confirmation so he can't claim that he didn't get the item.

    As a last resort you can also file a chargeback with your CC but you will need to contact PP first.
  3. Is signature confirmation required, or is tracking enough? Sig. confirmation would push shipping to $30 in this case..
  4. How are you sending it? It shouldn't be $30 if you're sending it USPS w/signature confirmation. Is it a large item?
  5. I'm sending it from Canada to US. It is not too big an item, but CanadaPost rates are much, much higher than USPS unfortunately. As it stands with just tracking by Expedited, it is around $18. With signature conf, it is $65. By UPS, the cheapest option with Signed delivery is about $26
  6. It sounds like it might be less expensive to relist it for sale.
  7. How much did you pay for the item? Why do you want to return it? Unfortunately I may agree with fashion4forward -- it may be cheaper for you to relist yourself.
  8. I don't think it's authentic, so I don't want to resell. I've compared it to ones I've purchased personally and the labels don't quite add up. Either way, there is a return policy so I thought I would go through the seller for a return instead of Paypal. I have called a second time, and spoke with the seller again. He said he has been travelling for work so he was unable to answer emalis (I can relate to this, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt). He is now willing to refund me with Paypal instead of money order, so hopefully things will work out. Thanks for your help girls :smile:
  9. I would probably still file a dispute through PayPal just so they have it on record. What will happen is PayPal will then send an email to the seller and he can respond that he has agreed to refund you. That way if he doesn't, you have some recourse. Otherwise if for some reason he doesn't refund you and you then contact PayPal, it may be too late and they won't do anything for you. I believe it's 45 days from the date of sale, but you may want to double check because I'm not 100% sure.