return/exchange at elux?

  1. i bought a twin pm from elux and used it one and noticed that it was to small for me. there seems to be a very slight darkening and is only visable in light. do you think elux will allow me to exhange it for a gm size if i pay the difference?
  2. They have a 60 day return policy , there're pretty liberal. Why don't you call them if its over ,and explain, it won't hurt and their customer reps are very helpful.
  3. I'm pretty sure they would. As long as it's a condition where they can resell it, you're fine. oh yea, and within 60 days
  4. I think you can also take it to the LV store and tell them that you got it as a gift. As long as you have everything they'll let you do an exchange.
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