Return dilemma

  1. I bought and returned 2 bags to Bloomies (not Coach) and now I want to return another bag. All the bags that have been returned are new and the tags still attached and returned within 1 week. The reason I'm returning the bags are because they are not Coach and everytime I buy a non Coach bag I end up not liking it! My problem is the SA at Bloomies....she was so mad when I returned the bag to another SA (she was not there at the time and came later half way into the return) and she said next time, I better return the bag to her! I was shocked and mad at being spoken to that way and high tailed it out of there. I know I should have said something directly to her, but honestly, I was embarrased to be treated that way. Anyway, now I'm scared to go back and return this bag and get the Coach I should have gotten in the first place! I could go to the other Bloomies 45 minutes away but the one dowtown is closest. I hate being a scaredy cat but I am.
  2. What's to be afraid of? YOU are the customer....THEY work for you. If you have a problem speak to the store manager.

    Good Luck!
  3. funny, i had to return to bloomies and they couldnt have ben nicer. i went for a vaca in USA- San DIego. bought a Marc by MJ bag on sale. when SA is ringing it up, DH says just check inside. sure enough, somehow a lipstick stain is on the linining. SA was shocked and tried to clean it. bag ruined. we find another one, no prob. she and i both check. and i speak to manager and say how helpful she was. then i get ot hotel, and there is an ink stain! this poitn ,i jsut went back $40 US cab later, and returned it. SA said re u sure we cant try to clean it for u? i said u no what, i m afraid i will get it to Canada and find more probs! she was v nice and did the return np.
  4. I agree with RwolfeOH. YOU are the customer. If you have your receipt and the tags are on the bag you have NO reason to be nervous about exchanging or returning. Its your money. You deserve to buy what will make you happy. Now go do that RETURN!:woohoo:and as pics of your new Coach when you get back. :angel:
  5. Thanks gals...I just needed a little push! I want the Leigh Signature in Brown...I will post pics when I get it :smile:
  6. Geesh, how weird is that? I totally agree with everyone else. You shouldn't feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to go back to that store for another return. If something similar happens and she says something rude you should say, "Are you this rude to all of your customers?" in a really nice and polite manner. Maybe she'll wise up and realize that she should speak that way to anyone.
  7. AMEN!!!!!! :tup:
  8. Just do it! It's your $ & if you don't love the bags, then they're not worth having!
  9. Honestly? I would ask to speak to a manager about her. If she really was rude to you like that, then that shouldn't be allowed. I'm sure they wouldn't want their customers to be so intimidated by their SA's that they won't return to the store.
  10. If you still have the original receipt, her associate # should be on it if you want to file a complaint.

    I hate SA's like that :cursing:
  11. I can understand that she would want to be there while you checked out but why would she care if someone else returned it when she wasn't even working there? Am I missing something? And BTW I would go return that bag with another SA and talk to the manager.
  12. She was not there when I went in to return the bag...I was there for like 15-20 minutes trying to decide on another bag and then she appeared while the other SA was exchanging my bag..maybe she was on lunch? I actually looked for her when i first got there as she was so nice before and then she turned on me like a rabid dog-arf!

    Today i'm going to do the return. I want a Coach bag so bad....should have gotten my Leigh in the first place!
    I'll ost pics when I get back :smile:
  13. Good for you, AlohaGirlo1!!!:tup: Post pics of your new Leigh when you get her. YEAH!