Return defective Bergdorf bag to Neimans?

  1. Does anybody know if I can return a bag from Bergdorf Goodman to Neiman Marcus? I charged the bag to my NM account. The bag is a black baby cabas that arrived with a fairly large surface scratch on one side. Don't know how the SA didn't see it. I haven't had great follow up communication from the s/a so have decided to return the bag instead of exchanging for a new one. Would rather not pay return shipping. TIA!
  2. You can return an online purchase from BG, since the returns all go to the same place, or a charge and send purchase from another NM. But this, I've never done it and I'm not sure. I think BG might need to return it to their vendor. I've always been asked to ship my items back to BG.
  3. try your SA at BG again; if it's a defective bag they should pick it up from you for free and credit your account.
  4. I agree, but I can't get him on the phone and he isn't replying to my emails.
  5. ooh that's terrible! can you call customer service? they are usually pretty helpful, too.
  6. Ok, I just sent one more email, will try to call again later today.
  7. I would go straight to customer service. That's nonsense.
  8. I had this happen with a Chanel bag from BG too. Also no help from the SA involved. I just spoke to customer service and they took care of it.
  9. Update: after no email response and getting voice mails when I called, I finally called back and asked for a store mgr. She took my info over the phone and said I will have a FedEx call tag on Monday. I won't buy from BG again.
  10. That is usually not the service I received from BG. It is great that the customer service took care of that. Don't give up BG, I believe not all BG Chanel SAs are like yours.