Return Compact EMP Curiuse Wallet and Wait For DE Totally?

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  1. Hi Guys so some of you may have seen my thread about the compact curiuse wallet in White. I am now wondering if I should return it outright and wait for the damier ebene totally to come out or if I should just be happy that I got it before the price increase. And just save a bit longer for the totally. I wouldn't buy another lv wallet later because of the price increase. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! :smile:
  2. What wallets do you have now? I would return the wallet and save for the DE totally....

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    Wait.. When's the DE totally coming out?
  4. I have a juicy patent leather wallet that I use everyday and the Ikat floral zcp compact wallet. I also have a mini limited edition pochette.
  5. It is supposed to come out march 28th.
  6. I would be worried about color transfer on the white wallet. There are always good deals for preloved wallets. The totally in DE is going to be a great bag and DE is so worry free.Which do you think you want more, the wallet or the DE totally?
  7. Def the de totally! I guess I should just return the wallet and wait for the de totally. It was kind of an impulse buy anyway because o the price increase. Do you know how much the mm size can fit/ hold? Could it fit a 13 in MacBook Pro ? Thanks
  8. I'm not sure on the MacBook, I have the mono MM and it can hold quite a bit. If you are not sure about the wallet, I would return and put that money toward the Totally.
  9. Do you have enough room in your exchange window to keep the wallet until you see the Totally? If so, I'd have your SA reserve you one and see what you think about it IRL.
  10. If you are having second thoughts deff do a return! For me,if I have to think about a purchase or what I should've gotten instead then I return it!

    Good luck choosing!:smile:
  11. My mom has the mm and it is so large, 99.9% sure it can hold a MacBook.
  12. MM is huge. Here's mine. Such a great bag. Love it. I use mine for travel and beating around. It will be fantastic in DE. It can definitely fit a 13 in MacBook. Return the wallet and wait for the DE Totally, but I have heard mixed released dates on this....some March...some August. Also, DEFINITELY get another wallet (maybe preloved) one day soon!

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  13. i would definitely return the wallet for the totally de. i would also be a bit concerned about color transfer on the light vernis. i put my name on a list for the totally and i think you might enjoy it more than the wallet. in the end, though, you have to choose what makes you happy. best of luck with your decision : )
  14. Personally, I can't wait for the DE Totally!!

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