Return bags with no tag on.

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  1. Do you think Bloomingdales will let me return the jumbo if I have the tag cut off? I have everything else included including the tag and the purse is brand new.
  2. Bloomingdales sells Chanel??
  3. Yes they do, but certain Bloomingdales. The one at scp in California, Newton, MA and there's one in New York.
  4. hmmm..... i dun think so, but i wish u luck anyway...
  5. Why are you returning it? I thought you were very satisfied with it and you purchased it with your own money...
  6. Hmmm, not sure. I'm thinking since it's a dept store, all tags must be attached for a return. But if you found something wrong with it, they should be able to take it back. Maybe talk to your SA before you go?
  7. I don't think they will. My cousin tried to return a Tory Burch tote after she cut off the tag and they were like NO WAY. I would call your SA and explain the situation!
  8. I'm not sure about Bloomingdales, but I have seen Chanel bags without tags attached at NM, saks, and even the Chanel boutiques. I'd talk to your SA and explain the situation.
  9. I just called the store and asked for my SA and she said that I can return it. Yes!
  10. dunno because the Chanels I bought already had the tag cut off in the first place. The tag(s) were unattached, inside the purse.

    I thought they might have been returns, too, but I wasn't worried about it because the purses didn't look bad.

    Maybe you should call Bloomingdales, or specifically, the Chanel dept. and ask them
  11. Yeah I did she said I can return it and I have the tag still, but it is just detached.
  12. hey lightdays, I shopped at that Bloomingdale's too.... they're great.
  13. Should not be a problem. I never shop at Bloomingdales but and SA once told me their policy is to accept any return as long as you have the receipt.

    As a side note you can buy the little plastic tag fasteners at the office supply store, they are cheap too less then $2 for 50. They come in handy when you need to remove the tag on something to try it on, like a belt.