Return after discount? Need help!

  1. If I purchase something during PCE, and return or exchange towards something more expensive after PCE is over will they still honor the discount on the new purchase? If not will they give me full price on my return to put towards new purchase??

    I want to return the Soho Flap & Carly Demi for the Medium Leather Carly. Good choice???
    Soho Flap.jpg Carly Demi.jpg Black Carly.jpg
  2. Hey...can you believe I just returned the Ergo hobo for the Carly Demi! Have they already shipped your Demi??
  3. Just bring your receipt and you will be able to keep your 25% if the other bag is the same price or cheaper or you can save the $ amount you saved on your original bag off of your new bag.

    That is the official return policy after PCE, some stores differ!
  4. The one I want to get is more but I am returning 2 to get it.

  5. Hey LISA!!!

    They shipped it..... To my house so I haven't got it yet. If my mom comes down this weekend then I will exchange it before PCE is over but if not I will have to wait :sad:..... I went all the way to Coral springs and they said they couldn't order me a medium black leather carly, said they didn't make that size/color combo??? Well ITS ON THE WEBSITE :cursing:.... SO now I have to go through the craziness of exchanging!!!... My DH is going to kill me!!!!! If my mom comes down maybe we can meet up again and go shopping!!! Do you still have the PCE card or did you forward it?
  6. Ok so I was thinking about doing this too. Getting something like a tote or something and then returning for that leather turnlock hobo looking thing in the new catalog....hmmmm