Return after apple?

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  1. My aunt has a black 07 legacy shoulder bag, she put apple conditioner on it let it dry and all that stuff before she put her things in it. Well she put all her stuff after she appled, and decided it was too small/heavy. My question, well hers actually, the bag still has the tags on and everything but she already appled it so its conditioned can she still return it or will they refuse it because she "used" it?
  2. I surely would not want an altered bag.
  3. Yes, your aunt probably improved it by conditioning it, but then again, she really did alter it. I would say she should not return it.
  4. When I'm in the Coach outlet, I see the SAs putting Coach leather conditioner on bags right in front of the customer to get the scuffs off for the customer before it's purchased. If the customer doesn't want it, back on the shelf it goes. Just an observation. I don't really have an answer for ya.

  5. I've actually seen this happening lately too. Even on bags that are not supposed to be conditioned.
  6. Yup I saw an SA conditioning an 07 Legacy flap bag the last time I was there right at the counter.
  7. I know that it was altered, but they used conditioner on my gigi when i bought it i ended up exchanging it for another one and they didnt mind, but they remembered doing it so thats why we werent sure if they would be ok with it.

    Then again Im not really seeing how it is altered, dont most of you ladies go home and apple your bags after buying? So wouldnt it just make it easier for you? Its not like it was used or anything, I was with her when she did it all she did was put some things in it, walk around the house a few times and decided against it.
  8. I say RETURN it!! She saved someone an extra step. :yes:
  9. I suggest putting it on Evilbay.
    If I ever saw an SA putting any of Coaches sh*t products on any bag I was buying I wouldn't follow through with the purchase.

    How dare they assume we want that suffocant on our bags! :cursing::tdown:
  10. Thats what I said! but she paid alot for it, it was pre 50% sales. It would actually end up losing money, like alot.

    I actually want to go to Atlantic City anyway so Ill take it with me and just ask them, tell them it was conditioned and see what they say. At worst they will tell me its not returnable.
  11. ita
  12. Because it's Legacy leather, I think that an (informed) SA will tell you it's not returnable since Coach suggests using nothing on Legacy leather. But, yes, I've seen outlet SAs put the Coach product on Leg bags as well...
  13. I didnt know apple products were bad for legacy that true? has anyone tried this? most of the reason why I bought apple conditioner was because my legacy shoulder was drying out on the strap! :sad:
  14. I appled both of my legacy bags with no ill effects... in fact I was able to restore my "damaged" raisin legacy bag with apple, removing the giant scratch that was on the back!
  15. I see this all the time...the SAs using that Coach conditioner when people are purchasing at the time a while back I was going to purchase the Clay shoulder bag and I asked if they had a different one in the back that wasn't so badly scratched, she came back with the same bag soaked in the Coach conditioner...I passed..had no clue what would happen to that bag after it dried.

    At that time..I did not know about Apple otherwise, I would have just purchased it and Appled it up....It works beautifully on any color Legacy.

    Anyway, I don't think by putting Apple on it that it is actually used but, I think it may leave a different scent to the bag.