retrospective....2006 was it good for you???

  1. ok now that 2006 has well and truely passed was the year good for you and what do look forward to for 2007?

    Was 2006 good for me an overall no

    over 2005 + 2006 I have attended 5 funerals, business deals have gone very very wrong, life plans have had to be posponed.

    however I still have a very loving relationship and my health so I have to be thankful for that. Every year I say it can't get any worse so this I'm not tempting fate I say bring it on I can handle it.

    So how about you share your good & your bad stories
  2. I'll be brief--2006 was mostly crappy. Some is financial that was completely out of our control. We left an area we'd lived in for 3+ decades to a place that is not my choice (involving 2 moves in 7 months), so this is one of those situations where I have to work on acceptance. Some health issues have been stressful.

    The best part of 2006 was the birth of our first grandchild in January. That's a lot to be grateful for--he's healthy and happy.

    I'm hopeful that 2007 will be less difficult.
  3. yes, it was a good year for me..
    first, I finished my psych internship successfully
    2nd, I finished my dissertation
    3rd, i finally have my degree
    4th, went to Vegas, had fun, and finally went to Hermes Bellagio and got some goodies..
    5th, became a member of TPF where ppl had been kind and supportive
    6th, bf and I are going stronger...
    7th, siblings have spoken to me...
    8th, health is improving

    so many things to be thankful for and to be appreciative about...

    so now, I am hoping to make it better by landing my first real world job..... hopefully soon..
  4. I would say generally yes. I did have one funeral to go to but it was for a neighbor that time, not a family member.
    The one major highlight however, was that my dad was declared cancer free as of last May.
  5. 2006 was goog in general, hopefully 2007 is better.
  6. The last month was the best month of my life, but it was preceeded by the worst 11 of my life. Was dealing with a bipolar, possibly schizophrenic man that was emotionally abusive and controlling for 10 months, sitting with my grandfather as he died for 3 weeks, followed by the death of my doggy a week after losing Grandpa.

    Then I met the most wonderful guy ever and am looking forward to a great year.
  7. 2006 was a year of huge ups and downs - i was very unhappy and down on myself with my boyfriend at the beginning of the year, i finally got up the nerve to leave him in may, i got incredibly close to someone very important to me over the summer, i had to say goodbye to that in august and it was extremely difficult for me and i was an emotional wreck until the beginning of october, i sought counseling that helped me get back up and put myself back together, i spent the month of october getting close to my roommate and and finally being a real college student, complete with partying and a bit of inappropriateness, i made it official with a new guy the day before halloween, the grandparent i'm closest to (my maternal grandmother) passed away at 91 on November 29, and i turned 21 on christmas eve.

    i'm still with the new guy, and he told me that he loved me for the first time tonight.

    so like i said, a lot of huge ups and downs, and a lot of growing on my part...the year has been neither good nor bad. but it has been very important in my life in a lot of ways.
  8. Kinda dull. Nothing new to report.
  9. After suffering from huge health problems starting in February 2001 after a dental surgeon hurt my trigeminus nerve irreparable and going through massive surgeries for the next 5 years and having a chronical pain issue in my face 2006 was a good year for me as I didn't have 1 surgery, my pain issue is now managable because of heavy medication and I have a lot of painfree days which I never thought would happem again. I had horrible 5 years before healthwise and I'm just so happy that I found a good pain specialist who really helped me to give me back a livable life. I quit my job in december which I should have done much earlier as my boss treated me like his punching ball for more than 3 1/2 years.
    Overall it was a very good year and 2007 will even be better. I learned that there isn't anything more important than being healthy but when you're young and healthy you don't think about that one second can totally change your life and destroy your health.
    I'm grateful that we came out of those terrible years undamaged and that my family was always supporting me.
  10. It was a good year. DH and I went on our delayed honeymoon to Europe. What an amazing trip. Became an auntie twice over (my sister and brother both had their first child). Changed jobs, - was a very difficult decision to make, and I'm glad I made the change. New challenges, but good for my career. And oh, discovered LV!
  11. i have 4 funerals at 2006...
    my grandma, 2 of my beach & water sports friends, my uncle...
    and i had an ugly relationship problem which's settled well at the end of the year...
    overall, i hope for a better year in 2007 :yes:
  12. My 2006 was great b/c I got engaged (July 31) to the man of my dreams!
    And I became an aunt (December 10)!
  13. Aw to all those who have had to come through some real traumas in 2006 I really hope 2007 is better for you. You are all so brave.
  14. 2006 started well but ended badly. Financial, family, and health problems started happening in April.

    So far 2007 has been rocky. I hope that finishes happily.
  15. well i had the worst 3 weeks of my life towards the end nov and first few weeks in dec! my nan died and it was so hard for me i was very close with her she lived with us for 10+ years! and her funeral was the first one ive been to so it was very hard, especially 10 days before xmas so it completely ruined my xmas and probably the rest of my xmas;s to come. it wont be the same at that time of year any more :sad: