Retrofitting Work style w/a Strap?

  1. Has anyone ever thought of doing this? If so, what ideas do you have about how to accomplish this? I think the perfect style for me would be a Work with a shoulder strap.

    I am so frustrated with the Balenciaga styles in that I can't really find one that works perfectly for me. The closest I've come is the Part-Time, because it's roomy enough PLUS it has the shoulder strap. BUT ... I don't like the shape - too shallow and long!!!

    If you've seen the Mandy Moore pic wearing her Marine Giant Part-Time w/the shoulder strap, I think that pic illustrates the problem perfectly (see the Celebrity thread). I just don't think it looks good.

    Are you listening, Balenciaga? What do you have against putting a shoulder strap on the Work? Huh? :confused1: I would even accept longer handles as a compromise ... but they would have to be MUCH longer, so that they would accommodate a bulky coat.
  2. i have a work and an arm too big to carry it on my shoulder, so i TOTALLY sympathize and echo that statement. i WISH balenciaga made a work with a strap... *sigh*
  3. I agree. It would be great to if they'd make an adjustable strap so If you want wear it as a messanger you could or over the shoulder. As far as the part-time goes, I like the look because I'd wear it with the strap and have it slouch in the middle. That's how I wear most my Bbags.....slouch with the strap, except my first, it goes in the crook of my arm.
  4. my vote is for making the handles longer on many of the different styles, but most especially the work. if we use it for its intended purpose (!), most likely we'll need our hands free for other things like carrying coffee while pressing elevator buttons in the office building, opening or closing car doors, carrying other items at the same time, etc.

    i'm an unabashed handles-over-the-shoulder kind of gal, and i'm amazed that bbags have very small handles plus a longer shoulder strap. why not make handles a little longer so the handles can be used both hand-carried and over the shoulder? i mostly stick with styles without the double-duty carriers, like the day.
  5. I had no idea the work came without a shoulder strap, where does that make any sense? Is it possible to special order a strap from Bal NY maybe?
  6. Even if you order a strap...there isn't any place on the bag to attach it. You would have to pay someone to attach brackets to hook the strap to...and I don't trust ANYONE to do that kind of alteration on my B-bag.

    BELLA SARAFINA: I'm with you....make the handles on the Work longer so it fits over the shoulder. I can wear my Work on my shoulder during the summer, but it doesn't fit over my winter coat. :sad:
  7. yeah definitely adjustable straps!! :yes: