Retro Out Of Date??

  1. Hi Ladies, I need some advice. I passed on buying the Cherry Blossom Retro when they first launched it, and now I'm thinking of finally getting one for my collection.

    Is it out of date already? Would you still want one?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. Yeah that was from about 3 years ago, discontinued in fall 03. Your best bet now is ebay :yes:
  3. Oh and yes, they're collectible now. The red/creme is the hardest to get ahold of, then the pink/pink, then the pink/brown.
  4. I guess Rebecca covered it pretty much! Hehe. I love the Retro!
  5. Thanks so much Ladies :smile:
  6. Oh NO!! i'd love an eye love you (retro) and a brown/creme cherry blossom. I'd carry both.
  7. Fabulous bags, all of them. I'd go for the brown pink papillon, but the retro is TDF. Love it too!
  8. Gotta love the CB retro..and pap..but $$$ on ebay...
  9. Definetly not out of date....probably more coveted now than when they initially launched.
  10. I think they're cute and pretty bags. They're highly coveted as more are sold.
  11. I think she means out of date as in it isn't produced anymore. :yes:
  12. No, I think she means out of date, as in not hip anymore....which do you mean?
  13. I love the retro...definitely not out of date in terms of style.
  14. I love the retro too
  15. the retro is the only bag i liked in the cb line. i'd still get it if i had the opportunity... you should go for it!