Retracting a bid?


Nov 28, 2006

I bid on a balenciaga bag and now I'm not sure if it's authentic. Is it possible ot retract a bid without gettting my score ruined or having negative feedback left on my account. The seller has good feedback but I have a feeling....she won't send me pictures of the bales and other feature which would indicate one way or another whether the bag is authentic? Any advice? This is the bag I have posted the link in case someone will be able to determine if it's real or not...Thanks so much!!!! :yes:
Yes you can. Go here and under buying resources there's an option to retract.

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However ebay does have a policy against bid retraction. So read up on it in the help section. You can get around it... If you've put in a ridiculously high amount, replace it with $1. ;) You will get a bid retraction on your account which other people can see in your feedback - I personally don't even look at this.
Yup :yes:
Ebay states that they look into every situation, but honestly I don't think they do. I sometimes look into my buyers and people who seem suspicious (like they could be shill bidders) and once I noticed this person had about 25 bid retractions. Yet they were still bidding on auctions!! It looked like they would bid on a bunch of things just to see what the high bidder's high bid was, then if they decided it was too high, they'd retract. Ugh.