Retracting a bid for a fake Coach on eBay

  1. Someone I know bid on a Coach bag on eBay which is a fake.
    Of course now that they've realised, they want to retract their bid.
    Does anyone know how they can go about it?
    In the 'help' section of eBay it says that they have to 'ask' the seller to retract the bid and give a reason - is this the only way?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. if you go to the bid page (where it lists all of the bidders) and scroll to the bottom there is a spot for retracting your bid.....I'll go look for the link...BRB
  3. Thank you for that - I'll pass it on!
  4. She's retracted it!
  5. Thank goodness she caught it in time! Thanks for the link Court811!