retract bid or risk being a non-paying bidder

  1. Hi, I posted a few days ago and got some great replies about what to do regarding a regretful bid.
    I emailed the seller twice and asked if she would cancel my bid and only got an automated response that she would be back after the weekend-- but also after the auction ends...
    I am just wondering if I should retract my bid anyway before the auction ends rather than winning and risking becoming a non-paying buyer...Thanks in advance.
  2. I missed your last thread, but just in general, as a seller I would much prefer you to cancel your bid than win the item and not pay. Even if you don't technically have a legitimate reason for canceling your bid, you would definitely get negative feedback from me for not paying for an item you won. People cancel bids so rarely that it doesn't really bother me when it happens. That's just me though!:smile:
  3. If you decided not to buy, you should retract your bids for the reason of not receiving seller's response.

    Like bellafleur said, a seller would rather receiving no bids than having a none-paying bidder. However, I don't think you could retract your bids within 12 hours before the listing ends though. If you want to do it, you should do it fast. In your feedback record, it will show the number of bids you retracted within 6 months.
  4. Send seller nicely worded apology and retract your bid. You're entitled to change your mind.
  5. Probably in the 8 years I've been dealing with online auctions I've canceled my bids 10 times. I've never had any questions or issues. I know they will flag it if you do it too often, but once a great while shouldn't hurt you.
  6. Please retract your bid. It's very frustrating for sellers to go through the process of dealing with a non paying bidder. At least, for me it is. Plus, you wouldn't want the negative feedback, which the seller has every right to leave you if you win and don't pay.
  7. Thank you all for your responses. Unfortunately, I missed the retraction time so now I have to see what the seller chooses to do once the auction ends. I appreciate all the advice though as I am a newbie to eBay and am learning the hard way...
  8. maybe someone will come along and outbid you. *crossing fingers* for you.
  9. Definitely retract! :smile: oops just read your 2nd post. I hope someone outbids you too!
  10. Eek. I won the item...I have e-mailed the seller for the third time to appeal to her sense of kindness but have yet to hear back from her. I guess we'll see. At this point, do I have any choices? Do I buy the dress because I bid on it?
  11. this happened to me once - i thought i was bidding on a king size sheet set and it turned out it was the wrong size. i offered to pay for the auction fees, since the seller would be charged for those, and it turned out fine. the seller won't be able to recoup her auction fees without filing a non-paying winner claim, so if i were you, i would offer to pay her for the auction since it's not her fault that you bid for something you didn't want.

    in the future, you should retract your bid. that way, no one gets penalized.:smile:
  12. Thank you nicole2730...I will do so when I hear from the seller. I appreciate everyone's answers and am learning a ton about eBay...
  13. Why didn't you follow your own common sense - the advice here - to retract????

    Now you're a NPB. If you had retracted, nothing would happen to you. Apologize profusely to the seller and offer to pay her relisting fees, at the very least! You should pay her listing fees plus a kind of restocking fee, IMO.

    Retractions only hurt bidders if they are repeated.

    Many sellers, at this point, will simply file a NPB on you - they're not going to waste their time with further communication with a NPB! It just eats away at their tiny profit margins - and their time.

    But do write to her right away and offer her the listing fees.
  14. See post #7 -- she missed the timeframe to retract her bid.
  15. I want to thank all those who posted here and helped me out. I think the point of my posts was that I am an eBay newbie and am learning the ropes here. I don't know whether using "common sense" is helpful advice or not...but I appreciate the notion.
    I had tried contacting the seller all weekend and didn't receive an answer but thankfully she emailed me yesterday and said everything was okay, amd that she was fine with me not wanting to buy the item. I don't know what will happen to my status on ebay and if I am a "NPB" then I accept my new branding. I am learning as I go.