Retourne vs. Sellier Kellys

  1. Dumb question of the day. I was looking at the reference guide and saw pictures but no text, so forgive me if this is redundant.

    What is the difference between a sellier and retourne kelly?

  2. [​IMG]

    Retourne (photo courtesy of the famous LV Addict) GORGEOUS KELLY!

    More of a relaxed look in the Kelly. If you look closely, it may appear to the eye that you have piping of leather on the sides.
  3. [​IMG]

    Sellier (photo courtesy of AuthenticLux posted in Ref. Thread)

    More of a rigid look on the sides. Does it look a bit pointed, firm, stiffer to you? See the outside stitching? This does not have the piping.

    Stunning bag to say the least.

    Did I help?
  4. The stitching for Retourne (souple) Kellys is on the inside; whereas with Sellier (rigide) Kellys, it is on the outside--gives it a sharper, more defined edge and a more formal look. Also makes it a bit larger in appearance; comparing a 32cm Sellier and a 32 Retourne--the Sellier almost always looks a bit bigger or boxier than the Retourne. Sellier usually renders a Kelly more expensive as well due to the extra labor involved. Here's a 32cm Black Box Sellier courtesy of Dressage Queen:
  5. ^^ Thanks KB. I'm learning new things everyday over at H tPF :biggrin:
  6. oops...KB we posted at the same time! Great pix!
  7. omg thank you so much kellybag,. i didn't get it either and now i totally do!
  8. have a way with words. For some reason, I am stumbling today!!!
  9. By the question is dumb.

    Maybe we have heard it again and again, but if you don't know the answer you need to ask. It is not dumb.
  10. 25cm retourne on the left, 20cm sellier on the right.

  11. The easiest way for me to recognize it is...
    Outside stitch = Rigid = Sellier.
    The inside stitch = Souple = Retourne = mou

    The outside stitch is harder to do and it will cost more compared to the inside stitch :smile:
  12. I love love love that orange kelly!! ***swoon***
  13. Thanks for that lesson, gals! :idea:
  14. I might be wrong but I think the term "mou" needs to be used a bit more discerningly. From what I gathered, "mou" is used for a Kelly where the leather used is a souple one, but in the sellier style.
  15. You're THE best, KB!! :heart:

    After owing a Retourne kelly, I realised that I want a Sellier more. :idea: