retourne kelly question

  1. I've been reading lots of posts lately about people's preferences for sellier vs. retourne kelly bags (rigid vs. soft) and every time i see a retourne kelly in person i think it looks too small for me and that i only like them in sellier. However I have only seen them in 28, 32 and 35.

    Maybe a 40cm retourne kelly would be a perfect day bag for me! :heart: I've never seen one though. Do any of you ladies have one? Now I can't stop wondering what one looks like and what you think of yours if you have one.

    Thoughts pls?
  2. I Have tried a size 40 retourne Kelly on .They are huge,but I really do like the size.I love big bags,I carry my 35's more than my 32's.I don't know if I have ever seen one here at the pf.Maybe there is one in the stars thread?
  3. A friend of mine has a 40 bj togo kelly that she uses as a work bag; she uses it to carry files and her laptop. I've seen it, and it is quite big - great as a briefcase alternative, especially with the wide canvas strap.
  4. thanks gina and toonie! i do really want one i can use for work and the 40 just might be perfect. thanks for the input! if i can find a photo i'll post it.
  5. thank you DQ!:smile:

    I saw that seller and liked a couple of their hermes bags but i am not familiar with them and was not sure about the photos because of their appearance, they're more decorative than sort of documenting? kwim?
    but it's great to see a photo of it -especially in crinoline!

    a big thank you!