Retiro PM or Epi Neverfull?

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  1. Hi there...
    I currently can't decide between these 2 bags and it's killing me!

    This will be my 2nd LV purchase and I want to get something with more "class" compared to my Speedy 30 mono.

    First up, the Retiro PM in monogram canvas
    Pros: - Can be casual or dressy
    - Can be worn with straps or by hand
    Cons:- Too much vachetta
    - It's canvas

    Second choice, the Epi Neverfull which I will get in bright color like Mimosa or Cyan
    Pros: - Leather!
    - Low maintenance as opposed to vachetta
    Cons: - Casual only
    - Still don't know how the epi leather will "survive" on this model. Not much review on that yet.
    - Similar model to my Gucci craft tote, although my Gucci is starting tp show a lot of wear on the bottom leather edges

    So what do you all think? I really want to know your honest opinions on which one is more worth the money to get.
    I'm the type of girl who baby her bags, consider them an investment that will be worn years to come.

    Looking forward to your responses :smile:
  2. I am referring to the Epi Neverfull in size MM
  3. Epi neverfull :smile:
  4. I think retiro is similar to speedy and epi neverfull is too plain. Do you have other bags in mind?
  5. retiro all the way! IMO it is an
    awesome bag!!!👍
  6. I tend to lean toward bags that can be dressy or casual, personally.
  7. I like the Retiro better, but it's a little similar to your Speedy. Not a fan of the Epi NF, it's a little stiff.

    Also, the amount of vachetta on the Retiro is very beautiful, I have the Estrela and I've enjoyed seeing the patina turn. I haven't done anything to it, I just use it like normal and I've had people comment on how pretty it is.

    So I would say Retiro or something else a little different, maybe in ebene print, gld!
  8. I'd say epi neverfull
  9. +1
    I do not think the vachetta is a con. I see it as a beautiful contrast. I have the retiro and have left the vachetta alone as well. It still looks wonderful and I love the hardware on it too.
  10. Retiro is a beautiful bag, I do not have one but every time I see it on someone it looks stunning.
  11. Retiro!! I think the Epi nf is a bit over priced for what you get.
  12. Definitely Retiro PM!
  13. One more vote for Epi NF! I have two and :heart::heart: them both. So functional and I get more compliments on them than any other bag that I have (LV or Chanel :smile:).
  14. Epi NF. Planning on getting another one (have the black in mm).
  15. I have the Epi Neverfull MM in Quetsch and think it is beautiful and I really love it. I am really considering getting another color :smile: