Retiro noir or Givenchy Antigona SHW

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  1. Hello ladies and I'm saving for my next bag I've been going back and forth between the two. I'm in need of a black staple bag and have been strongly drawn to the Antigona in smooth leather but the retiro noir is so gorgeous. It's very hard to decide [emoji19]. This is what I currently own:

    Speedy b 30 DE
    Artsy azur
    Speedy 30 epi
    Delightful mono
    Favorite pm DE
    Eva mono
    Pochette azur

    Which one would you go for? Your help is greatly appreciated?
  2. Hands down the Antigona. It's super gorgeous, I saw it on somebody and kept staring at it and thinking about it.

    Not a fan of the retiro.

    It seems like you have a lot of LV already, do you have any Givenchy?

    I might be a little biased because that's the #1 bag on my wishlist. :amuse:

  3. You're right all I own is lv and I feel a need to branch out. The clean and edgy lines of the Antigona make it so stunning. It's classic status is still up for debate but it's really stunning. I thought I was already sold on the retiro....[emoji16]
  4. +1

  5. Thanks for your input. I know retiro has been around for a while but looks like Antigona is getting over the threshold of a trendy bag. It's 5-6 years later and it's still going strong
  6. I love the Retiro!
  7. What size Antigona? In the medium, it can get quite heavy even when empty although visually, I think the size is perfect. I like the Retiro noir but I would go for the Antigona for its clean lines.
  8. Antigona. I fell in love when I first saw it and will most likely break my 'just need LV' rule for it.
  9. I'd get the LV retiro. I saw it on someone a couple of days ago and thought it looked great. I'm not a fan of the Antigona. The shape is not my thing.
  10. Thanks ladies...the black and brown contrast is very stiking indeed...lot to think about
  11. the medium definitely makes a bigger statement but i'm leaning more toward the small because i hardly carry anything (wallet, keys and small cosmetic pouch). I want to be able to carry it everywhere and not worry about weight.
  12. there is something about the black and brown...
  13. you're right. It's the only bag i would break my LV only rule. Nothing else other than the Antigona appeals to me out of all the other designers
  14. I love my Retiro. I love the contrast of black and brown. Lightweight bag and ease if care since it is mainly canvas. But I am a diehard LV girl. Whenever I break away and get a different brand I always regret it.
  15. I love my canvas bags and don't care much for LV leather. I need a black staple bag with silver hardware and the fact that Antigona keeps it's structure is a major plus for me. tuff decision...thanks for chiming in
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