Retiro - noir or aurore?

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  1. Hello!! I bought the retiro nm with black trim but I have an opportunity to purchase the retiro nm in aurore in brand new condition. Noir seems to be the popular choice but I am not fond of the black interior. Should I return noir and get aurore? Of course, aurore is discontinued so I can't go in the store to compare. Would any ladies with Retiro aurore kindly post pic of your bag please?
  2. I don't have the aurore but I honestly think it's very pretty and neutral. I like it more than a noir a bit just because you can see into the interior. I'm sure there's lots of photos on google if you search it. It's like a dark magenta-burgundy.

    However, if you do love your black, you can always get a light colored bag organizer so then you can see the interior of your bag =] and you get all the fun pockets/slots
  3. I prefer the noir because I won't have to think about matching it with my outfit.
  4. If Aurore would work well with your wardrobe, I'd choose that one. The leather color looks very pretty with the monogram and it's adding a little color while still remaining " neutral".
  5. I prefer Noir.
  6. I chose an Estrela aurore rather than noir because of the beautiful rich pink interior in the aurore. The black interior shows lint much more and is so dark. Here are a couple of photos. I vote aurore!
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461069147.790927.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461069161.612947.jpg
  7. Yes! That's the only con I see having a black interior. That burgundy interior is beautiful! TFS!
  8. I prefer the Noir ! Aurore is pretty , but there is just something about the black / mono combo I adore :smile:
  9. Noir gets my vote!
  10. Aurore all day every day! I have an emp speedy in aurore and I love it so much. I love that it's neutral but could also be a pop of color depending on how I wear it.
  11. I have the noir but sometimes wish I got the aurore. I like the pop of color. My bag feels so dark in noir.
  12. I would go with the noir. It is such a classic color and goes with everything.
  13. I have the Retiro NM in Aurore and use her since November, when I bought her! It's a really beautiful color, that goes with almost everything.
  14. [​IMG]