Retiro noir colour difference where handles are

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  1. Hi!
    Hope someone can help me.. I just today used a damp cloth to try to remove makeup and dirt from my retiro noir handles(used a dry cloth right away to dry up any excess moist) and now, some hours later i notice the areas where the handles hang down, the leather is more black.. Should i condition the leather with anything ? Really bothering me now, so hopefully some of you know what to do about this🙈

    Uploaded a pic, excuse the flash.. Makes my bag look so dirty, which it isnt☺️ But you can barely see the difference in colour

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  2. What do you think happened?
  3. The first thing that jumped to my mind is when you take a picture off a wall that gets a lot of sunlight and you can still see the silhouette. Is it possible that, when the bag was resting and the handles were allowed to rest at the side, it was seated near a window and the same thing happened?
  4. Its never resting in the sun ever :smile: it did not look like this before i tried to clean it.. And it kind of looks more shiny in the darker spots
  5. When you were cleaning the bag did you accidentally allow the still damp handles to touch/rest against the still damp leather base?
  6. No i did not..
    It was barely any moisture at all on the cloth, but used a dry one right after anyway, so frustrating!!
  7. Well I'm all out of ideas as to why this might have happened. This is one of those great mysteries that may never be solved in our lifetime...along with disappearing socks in the dryer, wandering car keys, and the adhesive properties of pet hair (even if you don't have a pet).
  8. How about the great mystery of the lost one shoe? I always wondered how the heck people manage to lose one shoe, I mean don't they notice???

    OP, your best bet is to contact LV directly. Is there an LV store you live close to? I had issues with the leather on my twinset which I think may be same type of the retiro and they were able to advise me on how to take care of it. That spot is strange. I wonder if for whatever reason water from the cloth absorbed in that area more? It really is a mystery!