Retirement Gift Ideas?

  1. A colleague is retiring and I've worked with her for the past 5 years. We aren't super close anymore, but she helped me to find a permanent position with my organization and I feel that it would be nice to get her something to say goodbye.

    She's in her mid-50's, still quite young and active and is planning to move to upstate NY. Her other colleagues already got her presents tailored to her new life (a book on cross country skiing, stuff related to travel, etc.) so I feel I missed the boat on those ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions for gifts around $30-$40 that are functional and don't scream "retirement"? TIA! :flowers:
  2. You could go with a box of Godiva, and write and nice note?

    A special make-up case?

    A bottle of wine? champagne?

    Warm socks?
  3. Books, movies, tickets to events.......she's going to have a lot of down time.
  4. Does she enjoy gardening, or seem like she might if she tried it? You could get her a garden tool set with canvas tote, some are realy nice and most are less than $40 I think. If she is moving into a new house it might be a very useful gift as well.
  5. Thanks for the ideas- I'll definitely look into the gardening set, as well as the bookmark and booklace. Depending on the shipping time, Godiva might work, too. You guys are great!