1. I just started using a retinol treatment on my skin ("help me" by philosophy). So far seems to be doing one job -- dried up three huge zits on my jawline practically overnight.

    I just wanted to know what people think of this stuff, what I should expect, if you credit retinol with clearing up your pores, etc.

    The "help me" is a sample, so if anyone here uses that product, do you reccomend it? And should I be exfoliating also?
  2. I use a retinol cream every night. If you use it during the day, be sure to use sunscreen! It's supposed to fight fine lines & wrinkles & refine your skin. For alot of people, that means clearing up pimples as well. I really think it's helped my skin & will continue to use it :smile:
  3. interesting, I've never used retinol and I had no idea it could help eliminate acne, thanks for the tip!
  4. I've been using retin A regularly for....well a long time, more than 10 years. When I say regularly I mean at least 3 times a week depending on how my skin is. Anyway, my derm. gave this to me as a teenager and said "if you ever have a blemish just use this don't mess around with other products" since them I've grown into using it more regularly and it keeps my skin in pretty good shape and the best part is I REALLY think it delays the aging process. I'm 32 (in March) and never get guessed at close to that, usually more like early twenties and when I compare pictures from my early twenties and teens my face really doesn't look different so that I LIKE!!
  5. I have tried using it numerous times but it dries out my face skin way too much. Has anyone had this problem?
  6. Yes, it can be drying..Occasionally, I will have to use a nighttime moisturizer over it. I also think your skin tends to adapt to it over time. My face is much less dry now than when I first started using it. I'm about ready to bump up my strength so I expect a few weeks of dryness at first.
  7. I have oily skin and I wear a moisturizer over the retinol, so, so far no overdryness.

    I am often mistaken for being much younger than I am as well, but I think in my case it has to do with genes, avoiding the sun, and never smoking. Of course I also use a moisturizer with SPF daily.
  8. Yes, I have. I use 0.1% RetinA but can only do so once/week. You will need to exfoliate regularly if you use a retinol product, since it causes skin layers to come to the surface and peel off, eliminating fine lines.
  9. I was told to expect a period of redness or breakouts in the initial weeks because it basically strips off the top layer of skin. If you are patient enough to get through that, you are supposedly rewarded with clear skin :smile:
  10. I have been using Retin-A for almost 20 years and it really does work. I don't have any crow's feet or fine lines around my eyes and I know that it is becuase of the Retin-A.
    It does take a while for your skin to adjust -
    hang in there - the results are worth it.
  11. Exfoliating regularly is key when using retinol also. I've tried many and my faves are regular exfoliating scrub by clinique (though not a huge clinique fan but they just do exfoliators right) and Sonya Dakar organic scrub. I too have oily skin so the dryness is not as much of an issue for me. And like Jane, the combo of oily skin, not smoking, trying to stay out of the sun (though I do go in it once in a while with suncreen on my face but when I was younger didn't do the sunscreen as much) with the retinol products does help keep the skin looking young....
  12. I use Renova and have been using it for years. It is the only medically proven product to stimulate collagen. It really makes a difference, but you have to keep using it and use sunscreen daily because it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.

    I have tried using it every other day but I don't get enough of the slough so I will use it for three nights in a row and then exfoliate or use more sloughing type prodcuts the next few days and it really is like new skin. However, when it is dry and peeling it can look very bad - I just let it go through a bad day or two because the overall result is great. My skin does look bad those drying days and I don't want to overmoisture because I want the top layer of skin to shred. I rarely wear foundation during the day and don't need too. It does help clear up acne as said above. I don't necessarily use Renova every week because sometimes I don't feel like dealing with the dry days and also it depends on what the weather is already doing to my skin . . . Renova is prescription but it is way cheaper than getting regular peels and dermabrasion with facialists.
  13. lola do you have a particular retinol treatment that you recommend? :yes:
  14. My favorite so far is green cream (after trying rx retinoids also, but were too harsh). It's one of the strongest OTC retinoids, but it has 3 levels and I've been at the highest level for a while now. I was wondering what percentage retinol is in Help Me, but couldn't find information. Does the packaging have the ingredients by chance? I also use an aha/bha treatment to help with pores and to keep my skin exfoliated. Depending on your skin, you may need to stay with the mild levels or even go stronger.
  15. I use it. Did not work for zits but works great for exfoliation. I use the .1 percent version. My friend went to Ecuador and got me about 15 tubes for $3 bucks each. :yahoo: